Westinghouse AP300: small modular nuclear reactor innovation

Solution for mid-sized nuclear technology, offering an attractive value proposition

Westinghouse Electric Company unveils the AP300 small modular reactor (SMR), a promising innovation in nuclear technology. Based on the proven AP1000 reactor, the AP300 SMR is designed to deliver safe, clean, and reliable energy for a wide range of applications. This launch signifies a significant step forward in the industry, offering numerous advantages over traditional nuclear power plants.

“The launch of the AP300 SMR rounds out the Westinghouse portfolio of reactor technology, allowing us to deliver on the full needs of our customers globally, with a clear line of sight on schedule of delivery, and economics.”

Patrick Fragman, President and CEO of Westinghouse.

AP300 SMR: ultra-compact solution for the energy market

The AP300 SMR is an ultra-compact, modular-constructed unit that leverages the innovation and operational knowledge of the global AP1000 fleet. Its utilization of identical AP1000 technology, including major equipment, structural components, passive safety, proven fuel, and I&C systems, ensures a robust delivery model and lower capital expenditures.

Advanced passive safety system: ensuring safe shutdown without operator action

The Westinghouse-pioneered advanced passive safety system eliminates the need for backup power and cooling supply, allowing the AP300 to achieve safe shutdown automatically without operator action. This simplified design translates into lower costs and a smaller footprint.

Long life cycle and licensing advantages: AP300 SMR’s impressive longevity

Designed to operate for an 80+ year life cycle, the AP300 SMR utilizes Westinghouse’s proven Gen III+ advanced technology, which has regulatory approval in the U.S., Great Britain, and China. Compliance with European Utility Requirements (EUR) standards further reduces delivery risk for customers.

Integration with renewable resources

The AP300 SMR offers fast load-follow capabilities, making it ideally suited for integration with renewable resources. It also enables cost-effective, clean production of hydrogen integrated with the plant, paving the way toward a hydrogen economy.

The AP300 SMR signifies a significant advancement in the field of nuclear energy, promising to provide safe, clean, and reliable energy for a wide range of applications. As the demand for sustainable and carbon-free energy sources continues to grow, the AP300’s innovative design and integration capabilities position it as a solution for the future of energy production.


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