Volkswagen unveils electric ID. GTI Concept

Exploring Volkswagen’s latest offering in the evolving electric vehicle landscape

Volkswagen is not just dipping its toes into the electric vehicle (EV) market; it’s diving head-first. The German automaker showcased its future vision at the IAA Mobility in Munich with a show-stopping debut— the ID. GTI Concept.

This innovative vehicle marks a critical moment for Volkswagen as it charts the future of its iconic GTI series within an increasingly electric world.

The ID. GTI Concept: not just a concept

The ID. GTI Concept is more than just a design model. It is Volkswagen’s answer to combining “100% emotion” with electric sustainability. Designed on the modular electric drive (MEB) platform, the car aims to hit the roads by 2027. It’s a vision of how the GTI label will evolve in the age of electric mobility.

Diverse electric vehicle lineup by 2027

Volkswagen has aggressive plans to introduce eleven new electric models by 2027. These will range from compact cars priced at less than 25,000 euros to more luxurious family saloons. The ID. GTI Concept fits right into this ambitious roadmap, signifying Volkswagen’s push to lead in the electric vehicle market.

Volkswagen’s new range orientation

Volkswagen has significantly refocused its brand, now providing a complete spectrum of options to consumers, from electric to hybrid vehicles. The IAA Mobility event served as the first platform to display this new orientation, cementing Volkswagen’s commitment to diversified mobility solutions.

Brand focused on discussion

The Open Space on the Odeonsplatz served as Volkswagen’s interactive hub during the IAA Mobility event. Here, the company portrayed itself as an accessible brand eager to discuss mobility’s future, hoping to engage with consumers and gather insights.


  • Release Year: Planned for 2027
  • Platform: Modular Electric Drive (MEB)
  • Range: ID.7 with up to 700 kilometers
  • Pricing: Starting from less than 25,000 euros for some models
  • Electric Lineup: 11 new all-electric models by 2027

The Volkswagen legacy in an electric world

Volkswagen has unveiled a compelling glimpse of its future. By actively shaping an inclusive and sustainable mobility landscape, the automaker is preparing for long-term success. The ID. GTI Concept serves as a marker of this journey, one that remains true to Volkswagen’s roots while starting to embracing the technological advancements of our time.


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