Volcano Energy: El Salvador’s sustainable Bitcoin mining

Harnessing natural resources to drive economic freedom and sustainability

In the heart of Central America, El Salvador’s economic metamorphosis is taking a bold and fascinating direction. Harnessing the sustainable power of its abundant volcanic resources, the nation is pioneering “Volcano Energy” to catapult itself into the forefront of the global Bitcoin mining industry, all while advancing energy competitiveness and diversification.

Renewable energy

Located in the scenic Metaplin region of El Salvador, Volcano Energy’s flagship project is a 241 MW renewable power generation park. This venture merges two of the planet’s most renewable resources – solar and wind. The park’s capacity is divided between 169 MW of photovoltaic solar energy and 72 MW of wind energy, promising a renewable power hub set amidst a backdrop of lush greenery and towering volcanoes.

Funding a sustainable future

The total commitment to this transformative endeavor is a substantial $1 billion. It begins with a seed investment of $250 million, financed by key Bitcoin industry leaders and top-tier renewable energy technology manufacturers. The Government of El Salvador is not just a spectator but a crucial participant in this initiative, securing a 23% stake of the revenues.

Powering the world’s largest Bitcoin mining farms

This mammoth project sets the stage for one of the world’s largest Bitcoin mining farms, boasting an initial computational power surpassing 1.3 EH/S. With such an achievement, El Salvador emerges as a global hub for Bitcoin mining, an essential step in its commitment to establish a global Bitcoin standard.

Blueprint for economic transformation

With investors owning 27% and the remaining 50% allocated for expanding energy production capacity and advancing Bitcoin mining, this venture marks a blueprint for El Salvador’s economic transformation. It champions a debt-free approach, fostering self-reliance and sustainability.


By leveraging its geographical advantage, El Salvador is not just tapping into a sustainable future, but reshaping its economic trajectory. The country’s bold move into Bitcoin mining, powered by its very landscape, promises to influence the economic landscape of the region, and perhaps, the world. In its quest for growth and prosperity, it offers a remarkable case study in how a nation’s natural assets can be transformed into engines of economic innovation.


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