Toyota Partners with Redwood for Battery Materials

Revolutionizing EV Battery Production in North America

Toyota has agreed to source Redwood’s materials as part of its production in Toyota’s North Carolina battery manufacturing plant.

Toyota‘s collaboration with Redwood marks a significant leap in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, focusing on sustainable battery production.

This partnership aims to create a closed-loop system for battery materials, enhancing the lifecycle of EV batteries. This initiative signals a transformative approach in the automotive sector, addressing both environmental concerns and supply chain efficiency.

Closed-Loop Battery Solution

The Toyota-Redwood collaboration initially focused on recycling Toyota’s hybrid vehicle batteries. This process forms a closed-loop system, ensuring sustainability and efficiency in battery production.

Strategic Material Sourcing

Toyota has agreed to source cathode active materials and anode copper foil from Redwood. This strategic move supports Toyota’s upcoming North Carolina battery manufacturing plant, emphasizing the importance of domestic production.

Redwood’s Innovative Battery Components

Redwood aims to revolutionize battery component production in the U.S. by focusing on cathode active materials and anode copper foil, which are key to reducing costs and emissions in EV production.

Sustainable Material Targets

Redwood’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their targets for recycled materials: 20% nickel, 20% lithium, 50% cobalt in cathodes, and 100% recycled copper in anodes.

Expansion and Investment

Redwood is expanding its Northern Nevada facility and plans to establish a new Battery Materials Campus in South Carolina. These expansions signify major investments in U.S. battery material production.


  • Cathode Material: 20% recycled nickel, 20% recycled lithium, 50% recycled cobalt.
  • Anode Material: 100% recycled copper.
  • Production Target: 100 GWh annually.
  • Investment: Multi-billion dollar scale-up in technology and facilities.


Toyota and Redwood’s partnership reflects a pioneering approach in the EV industry, focusing on sustainability and domestic production. This collaboration could significantly influence the future of EV manufacturing, aligning with U.S. electrification goals and setting a precedent for sustainable practices in the automotive sector.


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