The Volkswagen ID.7: features, release date, and more


The Volkswagen ID.7 is the brand’s first all-electric vehicle for the upper mid-size class, featuring exceptional aerodynamics, and improved travel comfort.

The brand’s latest model is set to be launched in autumn 2023 in Europe and China, with North America following in 2024.

Efficient aerodynamics

The ID.7 was designed with aerodynamic principles in mind, featuring a roof that slopes elegantly to the rear in coupe style. This feature contributes to an excellent drag coefficient of about 0.23, depending on the vehicle’s equipment.

Optimized electric motor

The ID.7 is the first model in the MEB lineup with a highly efficient drive generation. This electric drive has been optimized to provide maximum energy consumption, allowing for ranges of up to 700 kilometres in accordance with WLTP.

The powertrain generates 210 kW (286 PS), making it the most powerful and highest-torque electric drive motor in a Volkswagen ID. model.

New display and interior

Volkswagen has introduced a new display concept for the ID.7, which includes the following features as standard:

  • 38-centimetre (15-inch) infotainment system screen
  • Augmented reality head-up display
  • New air conditioning integrated on the top level of the infotainment system as well as freely assignable favourites buttons

The new concept has improved the overall customer experience, with the option of using natural voice commands to operate many functions in the ID.7. The new IDA voice assistant allows drivers to control the panoramic sunroof, among other features.

Additionally, the ID.7 offers massage seats, an electronically dimmable panoramic sunroof, and adaptive seat Climatronic.

Travel comfort

The Volkswagen says the ID.7 offers exceptional travel comfort, making it an ideal vehicle for long-distance travel. The model’s new air conditioning system ensures that the interior remains comfortable, regardless of the weather outside.

The front seats offer adaptive seat Climatronic, with cooling or heating, and a drying function. The range of options is completed by a 700-watt sound system from Harman Kardon, which features 14 high-end loudspeakers, including a centre speaker at the front and a subwoofer in the luggage compartment.


Assistance systems

Volkswagen has assistance systems in the ID.7, including the Travel Assist with swarm data, which can take over lateral and longitudinal control of the vehicle as required.

Volkswagen developed this feature together with CARIAD, the software company of the VW Group. The ID.7 also offers an advanced adaptive cruise control system, which allows drivers to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

Sustainable manufacturing

Volkswagen is committed to producing sustainable electric vehicles, and the ID.7 is no exception. The model is produced at the brand’s Zwickau plant, which is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly production facilities in the automotive industry.

The plant uses 100% renewable energy sources and incorporates sustainable production processes to lower its impact on the environment. ID.7 is built on the Modular Electric Drive Toolkit (MEB) platform, which was specifically designed for electric vehicles, allowing Volkswagen to produce electric vehicles efficiently and with minimal waste.

Global launch

According to Volkswagen, the ID.7 electric vehicle will be launched in Europe and China in autumn 2023, with North America following suit in 2024. The launch of the ID.7 is part of Volkswagen’s plan to introduce more than 20 electric vehicle models by 2025, as the brand seeks to become a leader in the electric vehicle market.


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