The Maritime Innovation Center: Seattle’s maritime future

The Port of Seattle’s flagship project for maritime innovation and sustainability

The maritime industry in Seattle is on the brink of a transformative era, with the establishment of the Maritime Innovation Center (MInC). As part of the efforts to modernize Fishermen’s Terminal, this initiative brings innovation, sustainability, and job creation under one roof. Here’s what you need to know about this ambitious project.

“The MInC will serve as a focal point for maritime innovation and entrepreneurship and help drive the region’s economic development.”

Port of Seattle

Historic building transformed into an innovation hub

Built in 1914, the Ship Supply Building will be modernized into a 15,000 square foot facility with space for incubators, accelerators, and event spaces, catering to emerging maritime companies as part of the Fishermen’s Terminal Redevelopment.

Sustainability at its core

The MInC aims to meet the Living Building Challenge, making it one of the most progressive sustainability standards in the country. This is in alignment with the Port’s goal to be the greenest port in North America.

A vision for a blue economy

The center will be a platform for BlueTech start-ups, new technologies, and maritime workforce development. 15,000 square feet of working space will be dedicated to foster innovation, in collaboration with Maritime Blue.

Community benefits and inclusion

The MInC emphasizes equity, diversity, and inclusion, with public space improvements around Fishermen’s Terminal, and enhancement of the public experience at the working waterfront.

Home of the Innovation Accelerator

This will be the home base for the annual Innovation Accelerator Program, managed by Washington Maritime Blue and the Port of Seattle. It aims to develop ocean-based climate solutions and become a major job creator.

Sustainability features of the MInC:

  • Net positive energy
  • Photovoltaic energy production
  • Salvaged materials
  • Natural lighting and ventilation
  • Rainwater capture, grey + blackwater treatment
  • Ground source heat exchange


  • Construction authorization: August 8, 2023
  • Construction starts: Q2 2024
  • Open for use: Q4 2025
  • Estimated Project Costs: $32.6 million

Green future for Seattle’s maritime industry

By fostering innovation, embracing sustainability, and creating a hub for new ideas, the MInC establishes a model for how the maritime industry can evolve and thrive. This project reflects a commitment to long-term societal benefits, including a more inclusive workforce, technological expertise, and environmental responsibility. More details can be found in the MInC overview.


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