Tesla unveils refreshed Model 3 in Europe

Tesla’s Model 3 update offers new design elements, enhanced driving range, and advanced technology features

When it comes to reshaping the future of sustainable mobility, Tesla never seems to slow down. Today, the company announced the highly anticipated refresh of its flagship Model 3 sedan in Europe. With improved aerodynamics, enhanced range, and a suite of new features, the updated Model 3 is a testament to Tesla’s relentless focus on innovation.

New aerodynamics and extended range

Tesla claims the Model 3 will now achieve up to 629 kilometers (about 391 miles) based on the WLTP testing protocol. The aerodynamic improvements are a cornerstone of this, optimized through a series of exterior design changes.

Headlights get a revamp

Continuing with the exterior changes, the headlights have been narrowed and made to look more aggressive. This alteration complements the front end’s sleeker design, enhancing the car’s overall appearance.

Two new colors to dazzle the eyes

If the new design isn’t captivating enough, Tesla has added two new colors: Stealth Grey and Ultra Red. These hues are specially designed to change appearance based on lighting conditions and the angle from which they’re viewed.

Wheels reimagined for both form and function

The new Model 3 comes with upgraded wheels that offer more than just aesthetic benefits. These wheels provide a quieter ride and contribute to the vehicle’s increased range, thanks to their aerodynamic design and high-quality tires.

Stepping inside the future

Tesla has taken its interior design to the next level with a wraparound styling that cocoons passengers in comfort and luxury. The company allows owners to customize ambient lighting, adding a personal touch to the driving experience.

High-quality materials take center stage

The use of premium materials in the Model 3’s interior gives it a sophisticated feel. Tesla focuses on delivering an elevated level of precision, employing softer and more luxurious materials throughout the car.

Immerse yourself in sound

Audio enthusiasts will appreciate the Tesla-designed audio system featuring 17 speakers, dual subwoofers, and dual amplifiers. The system offers a more immersive auditory experience, enriching the time spent on the road.

Upgraded technology enhances comfort and convenience

Rear passengers are not left out; they have access to an 8” touchscreen with climate controls and entertainment options. Front seats are ventilated and can be controlled via Tesla’s mobile app, adding an extra layer of comfort and convenience. Wireless charging for two phones and significantly upgraded microphones are also part of the technology package.

Quieter rides and endless entertainment

The use of 360-degree acoustic glass results in a quieter cabin, a feature that adds to the overall luxury feel. A panoramic all-glass roof not only enhances the visual appeal but also offers UV protection. Whether it’s your favorite game, movie, or song, the central touchscreen serves as the hub for all your entertainment needs.

Suite of handy features via Tesla’s app

The Tesla app provides an integrated experience, from remotely controlling the climate to planning routes with charging stops. Features like Dog Mode and Camp Mode ensure the comfort of all passengers, furry or otherwise.

Charging solutions for every scenario

Tesla has streamlined the charging process to be fast and convenient. From home solutions to global Superchargers that can add up to 282 km in just 15 minutes, charging has never been easier.

Safety and software enhancements round out the package

Tesla’s commitment to safety is evident in features like energy-absorbing side sills and a fortified battery pack. The Autopilot system, with its ever-evolving capabilities via over-the-air updates, aids drivers in various conditions and promises future enhancements as they roll out.

Driving toward a sustainable, luxurious future

In the grand scope of automotive innovation, Tesla’s updated Model 3 is a beacon showing the way forward. With an ever-expanding suite of features, Tesla continues to redefine what consumers can expect from an electric vehicle, leaving an indelible mark on both the industry and the environment.


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