Sweetgreen’s new restaurant: fast, fresh, and automated

The future of fast food: fresh, fast, and tech-forward at Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen, the health-focused restaurant brand known for bringing fresh, local produce to the fast food space, has unveiled its first fully automated store. The newly opened Naperville, Illinois location features the sweetgreen Infinite Kitchen, a revolutionary technology that aligns with the brand’s commitment to fast, fresh, and friendly service.

Sweetgreen’s leap into automation

Sweetgreen’s move to embrace automation comes as the industry witnesses a broader shift towards technology adoption. Following the acquisition of Spyce in 2021, sweetgreen has spent significant time refining its technology to deliver a frictionless dining experience that connects more people to real food.

“We believe that automation will enable us to elevate the quality and integrity of our food while also providing a faster and more convenient experience for our customers and a better, more dynamic job for our team members,”

Jonathan Neman, CEO and Co-Founder of Sweetgreen

The power of the Infinite Kitchen

The sweetgreen Infinite Kitchen offers numerous benefits, from quicker service and precise portioning to improved accuracy. This allows team members to focus more on fresh prep and personal hospitality. The technology can be observed in action, dispensing greens and dressing bowls, evenly distributing ingredients, and mixing salads.

Enhancing the customer experience

The new restaurant format introduces the position of a “host”, creating a more personalized connection between team members and customers. With self-service kiosks, mobile app ordering, and a new Tasting Counter, customers have numerous options for a streamlined and satisfying dining experience.

Community impact and local partnership

In line with its mission to build healthier communities, sweetgreen has partnered with local anti-poverty agency Loaves & Fishes. The collaboration kicked off with sweetgreen donating meals for each meal sold on the opening day.

Sweetgreen Naperville: a closer look

Located at 223 South Main Street, the Naperville sweetgreen offers both indoor seating and an outdoor patio, along with pickup and delivery options.

The future of dining

The integration of automation in fast food establishments, as demonstrated by sweetgreen, could revolutionize the industry. By merging technology and fresh ingredients, restaurants can deliver a more efficient and engaging dining experience.


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