Sunrun, clean energy, Puerto Rico, and Virtual Power Plant

Turning adversity into opportunity with locally generated solar power and home batteries

Sunrun, a leading figure in the U.S. home solar, battery storage, and energy services industry, has secured an exclusive contract with Puerto Rico’s electric utility provider to revolutionize the island’s energy system by creating a 17-megawatt virtual power plant (VPP). This project marks the first time large-scale distributed storage has been implemented on the island.

The VPP project is designed to lower energy costs for all consumers, decrease pollution across the island, and fortify the island’s vulnerable power grid through the integration of plentiful and dependable solar energy. This feat will be accomplished by networking more than 7,000 solar-plus-battery systems, installed on homes by Sunrun.

Over the next year, Sunrun will focus on enrolling customers into the program, with networked dispatches set to begin in 2024. The enrolled customers stand to gain from the cost-saving benefits of on-site energy generation and backup power. They will also receive compensation for sharing their stored energy strategically with the island’s power grid, thus fostering a shared clean energy economy.

“Puerto Ricans are ready to make the move to reliable independent clean energy solutions that will increase their sense of safety and security in their own homes,”

Sunrun CEO Mary Powell.

The batteries involved in the VPP will maintain sufficient backup reserves to power through potential grid outages at the homes of participants. All customers who have batteries are eligible to enroll and have the freedom to opt out at any stage during the program’s 10-year duration.

Energy resilience with Brightbox

Sunrun’s solution, Brightbox, is a home solar and battery service designed to deliver clean, reliable power that persists even when the grid fails. Initially deployed to power vital operations at local fire stations after Hurricane Maria, this robust technology is now available for Puerto Rican households.

Reliable backup power for peace of mind

Sunrun’s Brightbox system aims to assure Puerto Ricans of its presence before, during, and after storms. The high-quality solar panels charge a robust lithium-ion battery, allowing the system to switch to backup power during an outage and provide uninterrupted electricity for more than 10 hours at a time.

Powering Puerto Rico, one home at a time

By integrating solar battery storage, Puerto Ricans can harness the island’s abundant sunshine, generating their own energy and maintaining power during blackouts. This transition not only marks a significant step towards energy independence but also contributes to a cleaner, greener future.

Affordable solar services putting the customer first

Sunrun’s solar-as-a-service and home battery offering, BrightSave, provides a comprehensive solar lease with low upfront costs. Beyond mere power storage, BrightSave provides proactive maintenance, ongoing monitoring, and a 25-year service agreement for a hassle-free and worry-free solar power experience.

The promise of creating a resilient energy future

By leveraging affordable solar panels and battery storage, Puerto Rico has the potential to become an exemplar of solar resilience. This movement promises not only to power communities but also to contribute significantly to global sustainability efforts.

Building Puerto Rico’s First Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

Sunrun has been exclusively selected to help rebuild and transform the island’s energy system by developing a 17 megawatt virtual power plant. The VPP will network over 7,000 Sunrun solar-plus-battery systems installed on homes, helping to lower energy costs for all consumers, reduce pollution island-wide, and harden Puerto Rico’s fragile grid with reliable, solar energy.

Final thoughts on this energy transition

The energy transformation in Puerto Rico led by Sunrun signifies an important shift in how we perceive and manage our energy resources. Sunrun’s commitment to building a more resilient, reliable, and cleaner energy future in Puerto Rico sends a strong message about the potential for such changes in other parts of the world. This initiative serves as an example of how we can collectively strive for long-term sustainable solutions that benefit not just individual households but whole communities and the planet.


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