Subaru announces ambitious electrification plan

Unveiling Monozukuri innovation and a total of 8 BEV models by 2028

Subaru’s vision for the future is focused on electrification, Monozukuri innovation, and an enhanced customer experience. This includes introducing a lineup of 8 Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) by the end of 2028, emphasizing manufacturing practices steeped in Japanese craftsmanship, and increasing BEV production capacities.

“Aim to become the world’s leading company in Monozukuri and Value Creation”


Subaru’s electrification strategy

Subaru is ramping up its commitment to BEVs, setting an ambitious target for 50% of total global sales to be BEVs by 2030. They also plan in-house BEV production, with a capacity of 200,000 units per year in Japan, and are reorganizing their production structure in the U.S. based on flexibility and expandability.

Subaru Determination for 2028

Monozukuri innovation and value creation

Embracing the Japanese philosophy of Monozukuri, or ‘making of things,’ Subaru plans to foster a synthesis of technological prowess, know-how, and the spirit of Japan’s manufacturing practices. Monozukuri goes beyond simple production to include a sincere attitude towards manufacturing with pride, skill, dedication, and the pursuit of innovation and perfection. Subaru believes their application of this philosophy will help drive manufacturing innovation and value creation, positioning them as a leader in the global automotive market.

Subaru Determination for 2028

Expansion of BEV lineup

Subaru plans to introduce a total of 8 models in the BEV lineup by the end of 2028. This includes aiming for U.S. sales of 400,000 BEVs in 2028. The automaker’s sole EV, the Subaru Solterra, is built by Toyota and rides on the same platform used for the bZ4X electric SUV.

Investment in electrification

Approximately 1.5 trillion yen will be invested in electrification, including production and development, by around 2030. This investment is part of an aggressive growth strategy to prevail in the age of electrification while maintaining financial soundness and stability.

Cultivating innovation and organizational growth

Subaru seeks to accelerate individual growth along with organizational growth. This includes developing a foundation for Innovation Leaders and fostering a mindset of innovation within the organization.


  • Electrification sales target for 2030: 50% BEVs, 600,000 units
  • In-house BEV production starting in 2023: 200,000 units/year in Japan
  • U.S. BEV sales aim for 2028: 400,000 units
  • Electrification investment: Approximately 1.5 trillion yen by around 2030


Subaru’s plan not only emphasizes the technological shift towards BEVs but also embodies the principles of Monozukuri – a profound commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and value creation. These initiatives may emphasizing a seamless and stress-free user experience that brings Subaru even closer to its customers’ lives. However, is the electrification sales target for 2030, 50% BEVs, 600,000 units, enough? That still leaves 600,000 units running on legacy technology in 2030.


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