Strike: Bitcoin app for global financial inclusion

3 billion people across 65 countries gain access to Strike’s financial services

Strike, the platform known for its quick, secure bitcoin payment transactions and services, is trying to reshape global finance with the announcement of its app launch in more than 65 countries. Disclosed at the Bitcoin 2023 conference in Miami, the bold move aims to grant approximately 3 billion individuals across the globe access to Strike’s financial services.

The Bitcoin-Lightning network connection

The global app by Strike intelligently brings together the strengths of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. With a straightforward registration process, users can instantaneously send or receive cash and bitcoin, transact with other Strike users, navigate the Lightning Network, and buy bitcoin – all from a single application.

Enabling global financial empowerment

In a bid to bring solutions to those confronted with socioeconomic challenges like hyperinflation, unsteady local currencies, and limited access to essential financial services, Strike says they stand for financial empowerment of people worldwide.

Marching towards better money

Through Strike, Jack Mallers reaffirms his commitment to confront financial uncertainty, inflation, and manipulative services that jeopardize the public’s ability to save, invest, and maintain financial stability. He stressed that Bitcoin, via the Strike app, can provide the solution to these widespread issues.

“As we continue our mission to democratize finance, we believe everyone on Earth should have access to a form of money that remains unaffected by governmental inflation and a payment network free from intermediaries,”

Jack Mallers, Founder and CEO of Strike

Growing beyond initial market boundaries

Strike’s services were previously available solely in the U.S., Argentina, and El Salvador. Following today’s announcement, the Strike app’s global availability extends to over 65 countries, with plans to further increase its market presence in the future.

Understanding Strike

Strike, constructed atop the Bitcoin network, is an entity that facilitates affordable, expedited, global, cash-final payments for businesses and consumers alike. The company advocates for open payment networks as a means of promoting universal participation in the financial system, offering genuinely borderless money transfers, cheaper payment processing, and innovative payment experiences not possible with traditional technology.

Global financial inclusion

The desire to achieve global financial inclusion is a longstanding goal within the international community. Strike’s ambitious expansion signals a transformative phase in global finance, promising to redefine our understanding and use of money. By employing the power of blockchain technology, Strike offers option to billions of individuals facing financial adversity. This expansion underscores the transformative potential of Bitcoin to instigate long-term, impactful changes.


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