Rocket Lab Sets New Record with 10th 2023 Launch

Electron Rocket’s Milestone in Space Industry

Rocket Lab USA, Inc. has achieved a new milestone in space exploration with the launch of its 10th Electron rocket this year. The mission, titled “The Moon God Awakens,” was executed from Mahia, New Zealand, marking a significant moment in the history of Rocket Lab. This accomplishment not only demonstrates the company’s growth but also its contribution to advancing Earth observation technologies in collaboration with the Institute for Q-shu Pioneers of Space, Inc. (iQPS).

“We are proud to announce a new annual launch record of ten missions, reinforcing Electron’s status as a top-tier small launch vehicle.”

Peter Beck, CEO of Rocket Lab

New Launch Record Achievement

Rocket Lab’s successful deployment of their 42nd Electron rocket is a testament to their growing influence in the space launch sector. This launch sets a new company record, emphasizing Rocket Lab’s established capabilities.

Mission Overview

The mission’s primary payload, the iQPS-SAR-5 satellite “TSUKUYOMI-I,” is designed for advanced Earth imaging. This satellite contributes to a broader initiative aimed at improving global Earth monitoring services.

  • Launch Vehicle: Electron Rocket
  • Mission Name: The Moon God Awakens
  • Payload: iQPS-SAR-5 Satellite “TSUKUYOMI-I”
  • Launch Location: Launch Complex 1, Pad B, New Zealand
  • Launch Date and Time: December 15, 2023, 17:05 NZDT / 04:05 UTC
  • Objective: High-resolution Earth imaging
  • Future Constellation Aim: Assembling a 36-satellite constellation

Electron Rocket’s Consistent Track Record

Demonstrating operational excellence, Rocket Lab efficiently progressed from contract signing to launch within just eight months, showcasing a commitment to customer needs and swift execution.

The Electron rocket has maintained its position as the second most frequently launched U.S. rocket annually for the fifth consecutive year, highlighting Rocket Lab’s reliability and excellence in the space industry.

Looking forward, Rocket Lab is preparing for a more active launch schedule in 2024, aiming to continue its pattern of growth and success in the space industry.


Rocket Lab’s 10th Electron rocket launch in 2023 marks a pivotal moment in terms of operational achievement and impact in the space industry. As Rocket Lab gears up for an even more dynamic 2024, its contributions to space technology and Earth observation continue to grow and evolve.


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