PowerX unveils world’s first battery tanker

Field testing of revolutionary maritime power transmission slated for 2026

As technology leaps into the future, the maritime industry is set to make a splash of its own. In a revolutionary step forward, PowerX, the Tokyo-based tech giant, has unveiled the design of the world’s first ‘Battery Tanker’ at the prestigious Bariship International Maritime Exhibition. Inaugural ship ‘X’ aims for completion by 2025, with domestic and international field testing planned to commence in 2026.

Battery tankers: future of maritime power transmission

Named ‘X’, the inaugural Battery Tanker features 96 containerized marine batteries, providing an impressive total capacity of 241MWh. Powered by a safe and reliable lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery system, this vessel exemplifies PowerX’s commitment to safety, scalability, and sustainability. Its groundbreaking design signifies a new era in maritime power transmission, setting the stage for larger electric transport vessels in the future.

Ocean power grid: harnessing battery tankers for wider energy distribution

In tandem with the Battery Tanker unveiling, PowerX has announced the creation of Ocean Power Grid Inc. This new entity is set to leverage Battery Tankers to advance the maritime power transmission business both in Japan and internationally. From owning and operating battery tankers to forming strategic partnerships, Ocean Power Grid is primed to spearhead this innovative venture.

Partnership: PowerX, Kyushu Electric Power Co., and Yokohama City

To further its vision of maritime power transmission and carbon-neutral ports, PowerX has entered into an MOU and Partnership Agreement with Kyushu Electric Power Co., Ltd. and Yokohama City. This groundbreaking collaboration seeks to marry novel technological concepts with sustainable energy initiatives.

The power of stored renewable energy

PowerX’s Battery Tankers are not just a means of transportation but a vehicle for storing and transporting surplus electricity generated from renewable sources. Thermal power plants near ports, even those decommissioned or idle, can serve as charging points for these vessels. This unique approach ensures effective use of renewable energy and strengthens infrastructure for areas distant from high power demand regions.

Oceangoing power grid: long-term vision

Beyond their immediate impact, Battery Tankers also offer a promising future outlook. As battery technology advances and costs decrease, these tankers may enable longer-distance maritime power transmission from offshore wind power plants. This innovative approach could even make offshore wind farms viable in areas where undersea cable deployment was challenging, offering a potential solution to both domestic and global energy challenges.

Sustainable maritime future

The rise of PowerX’s Battery Tankers signals a potential sea change for the energy industry, one that could ripple out to affect global renewable energy adoption. By turning the tides on traditional energy transmission, these vessels may just steer us towards a more sustainable and resilient maritime future.


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