P7-C: innovative electric chassis for the modern urban fleet

Modular electric chassis provides efficiency and flexibility for city fleets

The P7-C Class 4 Electric Chassis Cab, powered by REE, is a commercial vehicle designed to optimize operational efficiencies for urban fleets. With its zero-emission electric powertrain, and a host of other features, the P7-C promises to redefine urban fleet management.

“You don’t need to settle for legacy technology when transitioning your fleet to electric. You can make the most out of your investment now.”

REE Automotive Ltd.

Advanced maneuverability in tight spaces

The P7-C’s 39 ft. turning circle and all-wheel steer (AWS) allow it to navigate through cramped urban areas with ease. Its low 24-inch platform height reduces driver fatigue and injury risk over thousands of stops.

Quick, efficient servicing

The REEcorner modules in the P7-C can be easily replaced, minimizing downtime and keeping vehicles on the road instead of in the shop. This streamlined maintenance process helps to lower the total cost of ownership.

Designed for versatility and flexibility

The P7-C offers a wide range of configuration options, including multiple seating and bulkhead arrangements, to meet the specific needs of various urban fleets. Its high cab roof and low floor platform also provide ample cabin space for driver comfort.

Cutting-edge REEcorner technology

The REEcorner module integrates steering, braking, suspension, powertrain, and control into a single compact by-wire controlled module, located between the chassis and the wheel. A central ECU ensures that all four corners work in harmony, resulting in improved vehicle maneuverability.

Upfit possibilities for every fleet

The P7-C’s low floor platform enables countless upfit possibilities, making it an ideal choice for fleets with diverse requirements. Its REEcorner single-wheel x-by-wire technology is perfect for mission-specific needs, delivering a low total cost of ownership and enhanced operational efficiency.

Urban fleet management

The P7-C Class 4 Electric Chassis Cab represents a promises step forward in the evolution of urban fleet management. The combination of innovative technology, efficiency, and adaptability has the potential to transform the way businesses operate within city environments. By offering a versatile, flexible, and modular solution, REE’s P7-C could become an option for modern urban fleets, ultimately contributing to a more efficient future for city transportation.


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