Overair & DFW International Airport Forge eVTOL Future

Exploring Urban Air Mobility in Dallas-Fort Worth

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and Overair, an innovator in electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) technology, have announced a collaborative venture. This partnership aims to revolutionize urban air mobility in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, promising a sustainable and integrated eVTOL program at DFW. This joint initiative marks a significant advancement in modernizing urban transit.

“By exploring the future of aviation now, we will help better position the entire DFW Metroplex for the next era of innovative air mobility,”

DFW Airport EVP Innovation Paul Puopolo

This quote underscores the proactive approach DFW Airport is taking to stay ahead in aviation technology and urban transport solutions.

Advanced Urban Mobility

DFW Airport and Overair’s agreement includes the formation of a cross-functional group to assess the feasibility of eVTOL operations, highlighting the commitment to future-ready aviation solutions.

The collaboration focuses on Overair’s Butterfly eVTOL aircraft, a symbol of the next wave in urban air mobility, offering a potential leap in point-to-point electric air travel.

Sustainable Aviation Vision

The project emphasizes sustainable aviation, exploring eco-friendly travel options to serve over 8 million residents and annual visitors in the region.

Operational Framework

The partnership will investigate operational aspects, from takeoff to landing protocols, ensuring safety and efficiency in eVTOL operations.

Demand Assessment

Overair will spearhead an evaluation of the regional demand for all-electric air mobility services, establishing a foundational understanding for future vertiport locations and flight operations.


  • eVTOL Aircraft: Overair’s Butterfly
  • Operational Focus: Passenger eVTOL operations
  • Geographic Scope: Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
  • Environmental Commitment: Carbon-neutral, eco-friendly solutions
  • Capacity: Scalable for large metropolitan area
  • Safety: Comprehensive safety protocols for all operations


This partnership between DFW Airport and Overair is a pivotal step towards transforming urban mobility in one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing metropolitan areas. It not only signifies technological advancement but also a commitment to sustainable, efficient, and accessible urban air travel.


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