Overair Completes First Butterfly eVTOL Build

Integrating Novel OSTR and IBC in Aviation

Overair has achieved a notable milestone with the assembly of its first full-scale Butterfly eVTOL prototype. This achievement marks a pivotal moment in advanced air mobility, illustrating Overair’s commitment to pioneering a new chapter in aviation through its innovative Optimum Speed Tilt Rotor (OSTR) and Individual Blade Control (IBC) technologies.

“The assembly of our first full-scale prototype is more than a milestone—it’s a testament to our team’s relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence in the eVTOL arena,”

Ben Tigner, CEO of Overair

eVTOL Aircraft Design

Overair’s Butterfly eVTOL distinguishes itself with its unique combination of OSTR and IBC technologies. These innovations set a new benchmark for performance, quietness, and reliability in the eVTOL sector, heralding a significant leap in the evolution of aviation technology.

Efficient Development and Forthcoming Tests

Emphasizing Overair’s strategic development approach, the transition from conceptual design to a tangible prototype underlines the company’s efficient development trajectory. This sets the stage for an extensive flight testing phase scheduled to begin in early 2024, marking a crucial step in the prototype’s evaluation and refinement process.

Innovative Propulsion and Safety Technologies

The initial testing phase of the Butterfly prototype will focus on rigorously evaluating its advanced propulsion systems, safety features, and overall operational efficiency. These tests aim to validate the aircraft’s design and technological capabilities, ensuring they meet the highest standards of safety and performance.

With roots extending back to Karem Aircraft, the Butterfly eVTOL is infused with decades of VTOL experience and expertise. This rich heritage is evident in its design, optimized for diverse applications, including passenger transport, cargo delivery, and military operations.

Capturing Market Attention and Partnerships

The innovative approach of Overair’s Butterfly eVTOL has captured the attention of various commercial and military entities, signaling a strong market demand for this groundbreaking technology. This interest is further reinforced by notable partnerships and a recent SBIR award from the US Navy, demonstrating confidence in Overair’s technological advancements.

As the world of aviation stands on the brink of a new era, the completion and subsequent testing of Overair’s Butterfly eVTOL prototype represent a bold step towards redefining the future of air mobility, offering a glimpse into a more efficient and sustainable mode of air transport.


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