NVIDIA and MediaTek team up to drive automotive AI

Next-gen, software-defined vehicles get a boost with an AI-focused collaboration

Setting a new benchmark for the future of automobiles, industry leaders MediaTek and NVIDIA are joining forces to create a cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and accelerated computing experience for the automotive industry. From the entry-level to premium, this partnership signifies an evolutionary leap for in-vehicle connectivity and infotainment solutions.

The promise of a groundbreaking partnership

“This collaboration gives birth to a global one-stop shop for the automotive industry, aiming to design the intelligent, always-connected vehicles of tomorrow,” said MediaTek CEO, Rick Tsai. He further emphasized the significance of partnering with NVIDIA, a pioneer and industry leader in AI and computing.

AI and accelerated computing

NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang believes that AI and accelerated computing are key drivers for the automotive industry’s transformation. With MediaTek’s expertise in system-on-chip (SoC) technology and NVIDIA’s GPU and AI software technologies, Huang foresees a wave of new user experiences, enhanced safety, and a variety of connected services for all vehicle segments.

Fusion of strengths: MediaTek and NVIDIA

The collaboration will see MediaTek developing automotive SoCs, integrating NVIDIA’s GPU chiplet boasting AI and graphics intellectual property. MediaTek will also be running the NVIDIA DRIVE OS, DRIVE IX, CUDA, and TensorRT software technologies on these new automotive SoCs. By leveraging NVIDIA’s core expertise, MediaTek expects to significantly bolster the capabilities of its Dimensity Auto platform.

Empowering automakers with advanced graphics and AI capabilities

According to Gartner, the infotainment and instrument cluster SoCs within vehicles is projected to reach $12 billion in 2023. This partnership places MediaTek’s automotive customers in a unique position to offer advanced NVIDIA RTX graphics and AI capabilities, plus safety and security features enabled by NVIDIA DRIVE software, to a broad spectrum of vehicles.

Elevating the in-cabin experience

MediaTek’s Dimensity Auto platform, with its extensive experience in mobile computing and high-speed connectivity, aims to enhance in-cabin experiences. The integrated NVIDIA GPU chiplet into MediaTek’s automotive offering will further augment the performance capabilities of the Dimensity Auto platform, delivering the most advanced in-cabin experience available in the market.


As we cruise into the future, collaborations like MediaTek and NVIDIA’s will become critical in defining the roadmap for next-gen, software-defined vehicles. This partnership is set to make the car of the future a reality today, blending cutting-edge graphics, AI capabilities, and connectivity to shape a safer, smarter, and more connected driving experience. By creating such intelligent and connected in-cabin solutions, the future of automobiles looks nothing short of revolutionary.


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