Nikon Acquires RED in Cinema Camera Market Shake-Up

Nikon acquires RED, showcasing the V-RAPTOR, a pinnacle of cinema camera innovation.

Major Move Combines Nikon’s Reliability with RED’s Innovation

In a move shaking up the professional digital cinema camera market, Nikon Corporation has officially announced its acquisition of the trailblazing camera manufacturer,, LLC. This strategic merger promises to unite Nikon’s unparalleled reliability and expertise in image processing with RED’s innovative technologies and industry-defining cinema cameras, signaling a new dawn for filmmakers and content creators worldwide.

Nikon’s Strategic Acquisition

Nikon’s bold move to acquire RED, transforming it into a wholly-owned subsidiary, is not just a business transaction but a strategic leap towards reshaping the landscape of digital cinema photography. This acquisition reflects Nikon’s vision to cement its status in the high-end video production market, leveraging RED’s revolutionary technology to enhance its portfolio and offer unparalleled products to filmmakers.

RED’s Pioneering Legacy

RED has been synonymous with cutting-edge digital cinema since its foundation in 2005. With landmark products like the RED ONE 4K and the V-RAPTOR [X], equipped with proprietary RAW compression technology, RED has continuously pushed the envelope of what’s possible in cinematic imagery, earning itself an Academy Award and the loyalty of filmmakers around the globe.

  • Company Name:, LLC
  • Head Office Location: Foothill Ranch, California, U.S.A.
  • Representatives: Jarred Land, President
  • Foundation Year: 2005
  • Employee Count: Approximately 220
  • Business Core: Design, development, manufacture, sales, and service of professional digital cinema cameras

Synergistic Potential

The synergy between Nikon’s and RED’s respective areas of expertise heralds a groundbreaking future for the digital cinema industry. The merger is poised to meld Nikon’s acclaimed optical technologies and user-friendly interfaces with RED’s advanced image compression and cinematic color science, promising a new class of professional cameras that could redefine industry standards.

Expanding Market Horizons

Through the acquisition of RED, Nikon aims to not only expand its influence within the burgeoning professional digital cinema market but also to foster innovation, pushing the boundaries of filmmaking and content creation. The integration of both companies’ strengths is anticipated to accelerate the development of new, cutting-edge camera systems, addressing the evolving needs of the film and video production sectors.

Future Prospects

This merger is set to embark on an exciting journey of technological innovation, with Nikon and RED combining their expertise to drive advancements that will continue to challenge and redefine the global standards of film and video production. The future looks promising as the partnership aims to bring forth products that embody the pinnacle of cinema technology.


The acquisition of RED by Nikon is set to revolutionize the digital cinema camera industry by combining Nikon’s photographic excellence and RED’s innovative cinema technologies. This dynamic partnership heralds a new era for filmmakers, with the promise of advancing the art of storytelling through innovative and superior technology.


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