New wave of luxury: BMW’s battery-powered boat ‘THE ICON’

BMW and TYDE’s THE ICON ushers in a future of sustainable luxury on the water

In an unprecedented event at the 76th Cannes Film Festival, BMW and boat maker TYDE have introduced THE ICON, the first battery-powered marine craft of its kind. This trailblazing watercraft signifies a shift toward sustainable, emission-free luxury travel on water. Setting new standards in design, technology, and sustainability, THE ICON promises an unparalleled marine travel experience.

Vision for sustainable mobility and luxury

BMW, in collaboration with TYDE, is pushing the boundaries of sustainable luxury with the unveiling of THE ICON. BMW’s representative stated, “Pooling technological expertise from various fields creates ground-breaking solutions that have people at their heart.” THE ICON is a testament to BMW’s dedication to holistic sustainable mobility solutions that extend beyond road transport and into the realm of water travel.

Bridging the gap with innovative electric drive

THE ICON is more than just an elegantly designed luxury watercraft; it brings together high-speed and long-range capabilities with an environmentally friendly, electric drive. Its innovative battery-electric drive system is powered by high-voltage batteries supplied by BMW i, redefining the relationship between speed, range, and sustainability in marine transport.

Hydrofoil technology: a game changer

In a bid to ensure efficient electric power usage, THE ICON utilizes innovative hydrofoil technology that reduces the energy requirement by up to 80%. This technology provides both a smoother ride and the ability to reach impressive speeds.

The sound of innovation

THE ICON’s quiet progress is accompanied by the revolutionary soundscape developed by Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer, adding an acoustic layer to the sustainable travel experience. Coupled with the state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos system, it promises exceptional audio quality on board.

Modern design for a unique experience

Designed by the creatives at Designworks, a BMW Group subsidiary, THE ICON’s design features a broad rear section, large glass surfaces replacing conventional side sections, and LED light strips, enhancing its iconic effect. The interior design, with 360° rotating seats and a tablet-based infotainment system, provides a luxurious lounge for passengers.

What THE ICON means for the future of marine transport

THE ICON represents a shift towards emission-free luxury mobility on the water. By blending state-of-the-art technology with a luxurious experience, it has the potential to inspire a new wave of CO2-free marine transport. The fusion of comfort, sustainability, and innovation embodied in THE ICON signifies a promising future where pleasure and joy are the only imprints left in our wake.


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