Nationwide EV charging network for trucks: Greenlane’s plan

Daimler Truck North America, NextEra Energy Resources, and BlackRock partner to develop charging network for commercial vehicles

A new joint venture between Daimler Truck North America (DTNA), NextEra Energy Resources, and BlackRock Alternatives called Greenlane aims to create a nationwide zero-emission public charging and hydrogen fueling network for medium- and heavy-duty battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. This collaboration is a crucial step towards the development of a sustainable zero-emission vehicle ecosystem in the United States.

Addressing the need for public charging infrastructure

Greenlane is designed to address the urgent need for publicly available, nationwide electric charging infrastructure for commercial vehicles, particularly for long-haul freight operations. The $650 million joint venture has already made significant progress, with its first site planned in Southern California and multiple additional sites being acquired along various freight routes.

Developing hardware and software

The joint venture team is collaborating on creating the necessary infrastructure to deploy the charging network. Dedicated software and hardware teams are working on developing a custom, commercial vehicle reservation platform to provide fleet managers, dispatchers, and drivers with an industry-leading customer experience.

Strategic charging site locations

The network of charging sites will be built on critical freight routes along the east and west coasts and in Texas. Greenlane will leverage existing infrastructure and amenities while also adding complementary greenfield sites to fulfill anticipated customer demand. The initial focus will be on battery-electric medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, followed by hydrogen fueling stations for fuel cell trucks.

Decarbonizing the trucking industry

John O’Leary, president and CEO of DTNA, emphasized that Greenlane is designed to tackle one of the greatest hurdles to the trucking industry’s decarbonization – infrastructure. The joint venture aims to address the unique demands of the industry, support customers, and provide a dual benefit to all electric vehicle drivers who will be able to utilize this new network.

Industry leaders collaborating for a greener future

NextEra Energy Resources and BlackRock Alternatives expressed excitement about the partnership with DTNA and the critical role Greenlane will play in the decarbonization of the commercial transportation sector and the broader U.S. economy. The project serves a critical infrastructure need for customers utilizing newly developed charging and energy management software solutions, powered by renewable energy.

The future of Greenlane and zero-emission transportation

This joint venture between industry leaders represents a significant step towards achieving sustainable zero-emission transportation in the United States. As Greenlane expands its charging infrastructure, it will not only support the transition to electric and hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles but also contribute to the broader electrification of mobility.


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