Microsoft and Helion to bring fusion power to the grid

World’s first fusion energy purchase agreement aims to revolutionize clean energy

Helion Energy and Microsoft have announced a groundbreaking fusion energy purchase agreement, marking a significant step towards the commercial viability of fusion power.

The first-of-its-kind fusion power plant, expected to be operational by 2028, aims to deliver at least 50 MW of electricity and help Microsoft achieve its goal of being carbon negative by 2030.

Significant milestone

David Kirtley, CEO at Helion, stated, “This collaboration represents a significant milestone for Helion and the fusion industry as a whole.” The agreement with Microsoft is a testament to the progress Helion has made in its pursuit of fusion energy over the past decade, and it serves as a catalyst for continued innovation in the clean energy sector.

Pioneering fusion technology

Helion has been developing its fusion technology for over a decade, having built six working prototypes and reaching 100-million-degree plasma temperatures with its sixth prototype. The company is currently constructing its seventh prototype, Polaris, which is expected to demonstrate electricity production capabilities in 2024.

Microsoft’s clean energy goals

As part of its commitment to becoming carbon negative by 2030, Microsoft has joined forces with Helion to pioneer the development of fusion power. Brad Smith, Vice Chair and President at Microsoft, expressed optimism about the potential of fusion energy, stating, “Helion’s announcement supports our own long term clean energy goals and will advance the market to establish a new, efficient method for bringing more clean energy to the grid, faster.”

The role of Constellation

Constellation will serve as the power marketer and manage transmission for the project, supporting next-generation clean energy technologies. Jim McHugh, Chief Commercial Officer at Constellation, said, “Combined with our hourly carbon-free energy matching solution, Helion and Microsoft are helping to build a future where carbon-free energy is the standard.”

New era of energy

The world’s first commercial fusion power facility symbolizes the beginning of a new era in energy production, one that is carbon-free and sustainable. This partnership between Helion, Microsoft, and Constellation will not only transform the energy market but also set a powerful precedent for future clean energy initiatives.

Forging the future of fusion energy

The collaboration between Helion, Microsoft, and Constellation is a bold step forward in the pursuit of clean, sustainable energy. As the world grapples with the consequences of climate change, this partnership represents a beacon of hope for a brighter, carbon-free future.

The successful deployment of a fusion power plant would mark a significant milestone in the global clean energy transition, demonstrating that fusion energy is not just a distant dream, but an attainable reality.


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