Meet Honda’s Electric Eco-Conscious SUSTAINA-C

Sustainable Mobility: Honda’s SUSTAINA-C Fuses Individual Desire with Eco-Consciousness

In an era where electric vehicles are revolutionizing the way we think about transportation, Honda has made a groundbreaking announcement that could potentially redefine how we balance individual freedom and ecological responsibility. The SUSTAINA-C, Honda’s latest concept model, promises to address these two aspects by marrying EGO (personal desire) with ECO (environmental sustainability).

“We have developed the SUSTAINA-C with the aim that this resource circulation could potentially help free us from the restraints of finite resources, and could enable us to ensure both protection of the global environment and the joy of freely moving around in vehicles in the future,” says a Honda representative.

Reinventing Acrylic Resin

Acrylic resin, known for its weather resistance, surface smoothness, and brilliant coloring properties, has long been used in various parts of automobiles. However, Honda and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation have jointly developed a new form of recycled acrylic resin that offers the same performance as new materials.

Honda’s Triple Zero Vision

Honda has expressed its intention to achieve its “Triple Action to ZERO” goal by 2050. This involves reducing CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process by forgoing the need for body painting, thanks to the uncoated recycled acrylic resin panels.

The Future of Acrylic Resin Designs

Promoting designs that utilize the properties of acrylic resin, Honda has taken another step toward achieving high design quality without sacrificing sustainability. From color schemes to unique marble patterns created during the molding process, the company is setting new design trends.

Innovation in Tailgate Design

Drawing on the excellent transparency of acrylic resin, Honda’s SUSTAINA-C introduces a “screen-like tailgate” that employs Mini LED display lights. These serve not only for illumination but also show the state of charge and can communicate with nearby vehicles through various imagery expressions and text messages.


Honda’s SUSTAINA-C presents a future where electric vehicles aren’t just an eco-friendly alternative but also a platform for self-expression and connectivity. As Honda takes steps towards its “Triple Action to ZERO” goal by 2050, the SUSTAINA-C stands as a testament to the kind of future we could all be driving toward.


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