MagLev Aero introduces new propulsion technology for eVTOL

A quiet revolution for urban air mobility

As urban air mobility moves closer to becoming a reality, Boston-based aerospace innovator, MagLev Aero, unveiled its advanced propulsion platform at the prestigious Paris Air Show. This new technology, the MagLev HyperDrive™, is designed to enable a new generation of ultraquiet electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, marking a significant moment for the emerging urban air transportation industry.

“We’ll be leading an important discussion on Urban Air Mobility, and how our proprietary MagLev HyperDrive platform will enable a new generation of eVTOL designs that are dramatically more quiet, efficient, safe, sustainable and emotionally appealing to the mass market,”

Ian Randall, co-founder and CEO of MagLev Aero.

The problem with noise in eVTOL operations

In an increasingly urban world, eVTOLs or electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft promise a new age of mobility. However, the operational noise, particularly during takeoffs and landings, has been a major challenge. Addressing this problem is key to gaining public acceptance and opening up the potential for urban air transportation.

How does the MagLev HyperDrive work?

MagLev Aero’s unique approach makes use of magnetic levitation technology similar to that used in high-speed trains, resulting in ultra-low noise operation during takeoff and landing, high lift efficiency, and elevated safety. By operating on these principles, the MagLev HyperDrive propulsor promises to outperform traditional helicopters and multi-rotor eVTOLs in terms of noise levels during hover and efficiency during high-speed cruising.

New partnership with GE Additive

Adding to its progress, MagLev Aero recently announced its collaboration with GE Additive, a leader in the additive design and manufacturing space. GE Additive’s AddWorks™ team will support the development of additive technologies and materials for the MagLev HyperDrive propulsion platform.

“This is a major step for MagLev Aero, and we are thrilled to harness the power of GE Additive’s extensive industry experience, cutting-edge metal additive manufacturing techniques, and proven track record,”

Ian Randall, co-founder and CEO of MagLev Aero

Bringing the MagLev HyperDrive to the market

MagLev Aero’s unique business model is centered on propulsion, allowing its platform to be integrated into various aircraft concepts and eVTOL designs. This approach opens up a world of possibilities for new and innovative applications, and industrial design elements.

Gaining traction with prominent investors

The company has already attracted support from some of the world’s leading technology investors and industry pioneers, such as Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Material Impact, Stage 1 Ventures, Grit Capital and Moai Capital.

Specs at a glance

  • More than 20 issued patents underpinning MagLev HyperDrive
  • Ultra-low noise operation, surpassing traditional helicopters and multi-rotor eVTOLs
  • Large rim-driven circular rotor for maximum efficiency and control
  • Highly efficient distributed electric propulsion around the perimeter of the rim drive

Concluding thoughts

As we look ahead, it’s clear that MagLev Aero’s unveiling of its proprietary propulsion technology is a significant development in the field of urban air mobility. With the promise of ultra-low noise operation and a propulsion-based business model that encourages widespread integration, the MagLev HyperDrive platform could be on the path to unlocking the full potential of eVTOLs in urban environments.


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