Lucid’s electric tech drives Aston Martin into the future

A new partnership sparks the future of electric vehicles

Aston Martin, the iconic British brand, is accelerating its electrification strategy through a strategic technology partnership with Lucid Motors.

“This partnership will represent a landmark collaboration between Aston Martin, a storied marque with a rich history, including winning at Le Mans and its current successes in F1, and the very best of Silicon Valley innovation and technology from Lucid,”

Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO, Lucid

The power of partnership

In a landmark agreement worth more than $450 million, Lucid will supply Aston Martin with its state-of-the-art electric vehicle powertrain and battery systems. As part of the deal, Lucid becomes a shareholder in Aston Martin, which will also pay technology access fees to Lucid.

Shaping the future of Aston Martin

Aston Martin’s high-performance electrification strategy will be bolstered by Lucid’s proprietary electric powertrain technology, including its ultra-high performance twin motor drive unit, its renowned battery technology, and the revolutionary Wunderbox.

Lucid’s technological edge

Lucid’s innovative electric powertrain technologies will provide Aston Martin with enhanced capabilities. The twin motor rear drive unit combines prodigious power with torque vectoring, while the battery system offers higher power and more precise thermal logic.

Beyond motorsports

The partnership illustrates Lucid’s commitment to sharing its leading technology to help Aston Martin achieve its goal of launching the first pure electric Aston Martin model in 2025. Earlier this year, Lucid introduced a derivative of its electric drive unit designed specifically for use in motorsports.


Lucid’s Electric Powertrain Technology:

  • Ultra-high performance twin motor drive unit
  • Renowned battery technology
  • Revolutionary Wunderbox


As we look to the horizon of automobile innovation, this partnership between Aston Martin and Lucid Motors is a significant milestone. It’s a clear signal of the direction in which the industry is moving, with traditional manufacturers like Aston Martin embracing the future of electric technology. By leveraging Lucid’s innovative powertrain technology, Aston Martin is not only positioning itself for a sustainable future, but it’s also ensuring that the high-performance characteristic of its vehicles is preserved. This is a remarkable example of how the industry can progress without sacrificing the qualities that have made these brands revered by auto enthusiasts around the world.


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