Lotus Emeya: new luxury electric grand tourer

Lotus Emeya electric grand tourer: blend of heritage and modern innovation

Lotus has unveiled the Emeya, setting a new standard for electric grand tourers. Combining 75 years of engineering expertise with cutting-edge technology, the Lotus Emeya electric grand tourer is a compelling entry into the high-performance electric vehicle market.

“We’re pushing the boundaries for how a luxury electric vehicle should look and handle, making it truly for the drivers,”

Feng Qingfeng, CEO, Lotus Group

Lotus Emeya electric grand tourer: engineering and design

Incorporating advanced aerodynamic features, the Lotus Emeya electric grand tourer marks a significant advancement in vehicle stability and handling. The active front grille, rear diffuser, and rear spoiler all contribute to its impressive performance.

New benchmark in speed

The vehicle stands out as one of the fastest electric grand tourers, capable of accelerating from 0-62mph in under 2.8 seconds. With a top speed exceeding 155mph, the Lotus Emeya electric grand tourer ensures an exhilarating driving experience.

Charging capabilities

One of the highlights is its rapid charging capabilities. A mere five-minute charge provides 93 miles of range, effectively dispelling any range anxiety for potential owners.

Sustainability in the Lotus Emeya

Lotus has given considerable attention to sustainability, utilizing materials like PVD aluminium, Alcantara, and Nappa leather, all sustainably sourced, to reduce the vehicle’s carbon footprint.

Immersive audio experience

Developed in collaboration with KEF, the Emeya’s audio system features cutting-edge technology that elevates the music listening experience to unprecedented levels.


  • Top speed: >155mph
  • Acceleration: 0-62mph in <2.8s
  • Charging: 93 miles of range in 5 minutes
  • Materials: Sustainably sourced PVD aluminium, Alcantara, and Nappa leather

The Lotus Emeya electric grand tourer: symbol of what’s to come

As Lotus pushes forward with its electrification strategy, the Emeya serves as a touchstone. It encapsulates the essence of Lotus, both honoring its heritage and giving us a glimpse into the electric future of luxury performance vehicles.


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