Jeep’s AI-powered autonomous off-road tech

Pioneering advanced systems to transform off-road adventures

Autonomous driving is no longer confined to the city streets. Jeep®, an iconic American brand with 80 years of heritage, has unveiled a teaser of its future generation of advanced AI and autonomous off-road driving technology. Jeep looks to transform off-road adventure, pushing the boundaries of technology and adventure even further.

Enhancing experiences on and off the trail

According to Neda Cvijetic, Head of AI & Autonomous Driving at Stellantis, the prototypes being tested in Moab, Utah, offer a novel driving experience. They’re exclusively developed for Jeep and installed in the electrified Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe models. This innovation aims to elevate the journey of seasoned off-roaders and those new to the trail, as well as enhance challenging everyday driving conditions.

Joining the adventure with ease

Jeep’s autonomous off-road driving technology doesn’t just aim to improve off-roading. As Christian Meunier, Jeep brand CEO, states, these advanced off-road driving systems “will help more customers in more countries around world join and enjoy the adventure.” This ensures broader accessibility and inclusivity, making the thrill of off-roading a universal joy.

Leadership in off-road electrification

Jeep’s initiative goes beyond autonomy; the brand is also a forerunner in off-road electrification. Along with AI and autonomous technology, the brand’s expanding range of 4xe SUVs underlines its commitment to off-road electrification, marrying traditional off-road capability with cutting-edge electric power.

Preparing for an autonomous summer

Get ready for an immersive peek into the future. This summer, Jeep will release a full video showcasing the next generation of advanced autonomous off-road driving technology, stirring up anticipation among fans and automobile enthusiasts alike.

Zero emission freedom

Jeep’s autonomous and electrification efforts are part of a larger vision to achieve Zero Emission Freedom. The brand is committed to providing electrified variants of all Jeep vehicles by 2025, signifying an eco-friendly future for the legendary brand.


Jeep’s pioneering efforts exemplify how technology can transform even the most traditional of experiences, in this case off-roading. By integrating AI and autonomous systems into their lineup, Jeep is not just making off-roading more accessible, but also reshaping our expectations of what autonomous driving can be. As we anticipate a future where all Jeep vehicles have an electrified variant, we see a convergence of adventure, innovation, and sustainability that promises to redefine the automobile industry.


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