Introducing Digit: human-centric warehouse logistics robot

Agility Robotics’ latest Digit robot aims to transform warehouse operations and empower human workers

Agility Robotics has unveiled the next generation of its multi-purpose robot, Digit, designed to revolutionize warehouse logistics by multiplying the productivity of the human workforce. This human-centric robot is set to transform the way logistics companies operate by easing the burden on workers and reducing the need for multiple specialized automation solutions.

“We look forward to Digit augmenting workforces, taking on the ‘dull, dirty, and dangerous’ tasks, and allowing people to focus on more creative and complex work. We like to think of Digit as enabling humans to be more human.”

Damion Shelton, co-founder and CEO of Agility Robotics

Addressing labor shortages in warehouses

With logistics labor issues such as high turnover, burnout, and injury on the rise, the demand for warehouse labor far exceeds available talent. Companies are turning to automation now more than ever to help mitigate future disruptions. Digit, being a multi-purpose and human-centric robot, aims to fill the gaps in the workforce and improve working conditions for people in logistics operations.

Adaptable and multi-purpose warehouse automation

Digit is designed to execute various tasks and adapt to different workflows, allowing a fleet of Digits to switch between applications depending on current warehouse needs and seasonal shifts. Its human-centric design allows for easy deployment into existing warehouse operations and as-built infrastructure without the need for costly retrofitting.

Improved human-robot interaction

The next generation Digit features newly designed end effectors (hands) optimized for grabbing and moving plastic totes commonly found in e-commerce and shipping warehouses. It also has a head and eyes to enhance human-robot interaction, making it a safe and friendly partner for warehouse workers.

Built on decades of research and development

Digit incorporates decades of research, development, and scientific breakthroughs in dynamic mobility and manipulation. It is capable of navigating obstacles with ease and walking on uneven surfaces in various human environments, all while handling and moving objects efficiently.

The Agility Partner Program: exclusive early access

Agility Robotics is offering a limited number of spots in the Agility Partner Program (APP), providing exclusive early access to the new Digit for companies looking to deploy the robot in their warehouse and supply chain operations. Through on-site visits and dedicated engineering resources, Agility will work closely with APP partners to understand their warehouse workflows and pain points, demonstrating how Digit can alleviate those issues.

The future of warehouse logistics

By taking on repetitive and labor-intensive tasks, Digit allows human workers to focus on more creative and complex work, improving both productivity and job satisfaction. As warehouse labor shortages persist, the adoption of multi-purpose, human-centric robots like Digit could reshape the industry, making it more efficient, resilient, and worker-friendly.


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