Interstellar Lab: pioneering biofarming and space cuisine

Transforming agriculture for a sustainable future across the cosmos

In a remarkable stride toward the future of sustainable farming, Interstellar Lab is revolutionizing the field both on Earth and space. This dynamic company creating controlled-environment biofarms, is not only reshaping Earth’s agricultural landscape, but also sowing the seeds of life beyond our planet.

“Engineers, Scientists, and Designers united by our passion for nature and space exploration, we are committed to developing groundbreaking solutions that will help preserve life on Earth while expanding it to Space.”

Interstellar Lab team

Interstellar Lab in NASA’s Deep Space Food Challenge

As a testament to their commitment to space agriculture, Interstellar Lab has joined NASA’s Deep Space Food Challenge. By leveraging their biofarming technology, they aim to innovate food systems for astronauts on long-duration space missions. Their modular bioregenerative system, capable of producing fresh microgreens, vegetables, mushrooms, and insects, has been selected for Phase 3 of the challenge, a step closer to actualizing sustainable food production in space.

The green revolution: elevating Earth’s agriculture

Interstellar Lab’s cutting-edge modules are redefining sustainable farming. By tailoring environmental factors such as nutrients, temperature, water, CO2, and light, these state-of-the-art environments are driving up crop yield while tweaking the molecular composition of plants.

Life beyond Earth: preparing for space agriculture

Interstellar Lab isn’t stopping at terrestrial boundaries. The company is venturing beyond, engineering autonomous modules to facilitate plant science and food production in low gravity environments. Their visionary efforts may lay the foundation for sustainable life support systems in space.

Big data for a big future: molecular farming

Interstellar Lab is pushing the frontier of molecular farming with a robust database of plant species, collated by merging open-source information with data from their systems. This knowledge powerhouse fuels advanced research, fostering a deeper understanding of plant science.

Vision for a sustainable, multi-planetary future

Founded in 2018, Interstellar Lab has grown to a team of over 30 professionals united by a vision of harmonious co-existence between humans and their environment, on Earth and beyond. They see a future of thriving biodiversity on Earth, alongside the expansion of life to other planets.

Sustainable future on Earth and in space

Interstellar Lab’s relentless innovation is planting the seeds for a sustainable future on Earth and in space. Their work represents a powerful commitment to the preservation and expansion of life across generations and planetary boundaries. This vision presents a future where humans aren’t just residents of Earth, but active stewards of the cosmos.


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