Hurtigruten unveils zero-emission cruise ship

Revolutionary maritime project strives for emission-free travel and superior energy efficiency

Pioneering a new era of sustainable maritime travel, Hurtigruten Norway has laid out ambitious plans for its first zero-emission cruise ship. Set to be the world’s most energy-efficient vessel, this initiative marks a major step forward in aligning the cruise industry with global sustainability objectives.

“Following a rigorous feasibility study, we have pinpointed the most promising technologies for our groundbreaking future cruise ships. We are committed to delivering a ship that surpasses all others in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability within just a few years,” said Hedda Felin, CEO of Hurtigruten Norway.

Innovations in maritime technology

The novel ship will feature multiple firsts in the industry, including retractable sails embedded with solar panels, AI maneuvering, and advanced hull coating. These technologies will enhance the ship’s energy efficiency and set a new standard for sustainable maritime travel.

Harnessing AI for enhanced operations

Utilizing artificial intelligence, Hurtigruten Norway will optimize docking and undocking operations in diverse weather conditions. This strategic use of AI will ensure the most efficient use of energy and contribute significantly to the ship’s overall sustainability.

Prioritizing passenger comfort and views

The zero-emission ship will not compromise on passenger comfort or scenic views. With a streamlined shape to minimize air resistance and expansive window areas, guests will enjoy a serene journey along ‘the world’s most beautiful coastline.’

An interactive experience for guests

In a unique twist, guests will have the opportunity to contribute to the ship’s energy conservation efforts through an interactive mobile app. The app will allow passengers to manage their cabin ventilation and monitor their personal water and energy usage.

Ship specifications:

  • Length: 135 meters
  • Cabins: 270
  • Capacity: 500 guests and 99 crew members
  • Energy sources: 60-megawatt hour battery solutions, solar panels, wind technology
  • Unique features: Retractable sails with solar panels, AI maneuvering, contra-rotating propellers, multiple retractable thrusters, air lubrication, advanced hull coating, proactive hull cleaning


As Hurtigruten Norway sails ahead with its ground-breaking initiative, the implications for the maritime industry are far-reaching. With this project, Hurtigruten offers a compelling vision of a future where travel is not just about reaching a destination, but also about preserving the very world we are so keen to explore.


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