GP4BTC: setting new standards for Bitcoin mining

The new Green Proofs for Bitcoin initiative shines a light on the industry’s sustainability practices, pushing for a net-zero future

In a major step towards net-zero Bitcoin mining, Energy Web, a Switzerland-based non-profit, announced the launch of Green Proofs for Bitcoin (GP4BTC). This groundbreaking initiative offers an independent, standardized energy measurement system for the Bitcoin mining industry, aiming to bring transparency to the sector’s decarbonization efforts.

A unified framework for sustainability

“Today Bitcoin is scrutinized for its electricity consumption and associated climate impact,” said Amy Westervelt, head of the GP4BTC initiative at Energy Web. The launch of this unique platform sets a new standard for assessing the sustainability of mining practices, promoting industry-wide recognition and financial returns for those committed to sustainable mining.

The scoring system: making sustainability quantifiable

GP4BTC provides miners with a Clean Energy Score and a Grid Impact Score. The scoring system, developed with the support of over 35 miners, NGOs, grid operators, and other energy and crypto market participants, reflects the miners’ renewable electricity procurement, operation locations, and contributions to grid stability. This standardized scoring system puts the industry on par with other electricity-intensive sectors in terms of sustainability practices.

Breaking down the silos

Westervelt expressed concerns about the isolation of previous decarbonization efforts within the Bitcoin mining industry. By establishing a shared framework and roadmap for sustainable practices, GP4BTC aims to create a virtuous cycle where clean mining becomes the industry norm.

Privacy and data control at the core

Through the use of Energy Web’s Green Proofs technology, GP4BTC ensures miners retain full ownership and control of their data while allowing Bitcoin users and institutions to verify miners’ sustainability credentials.

Certified miners

GP4BTC was launched with five certified miners and data centers including Argo Blockchain, Cowa, DMG Blockchain Solutions, Hive Blockchain Technologies, and Gryphon Digital Mining. These industry leaders have expressed their commitment to long-term sustainability and support for Energy Web’s initiative.

Shift towards sustainable Bitcoin

In the broader context, this initiative signals a shift towards sustainable practices in an industry infamous for its carbon footprint. The certification system sets a precedent, encouraging not only transparency but also responsibility among Bitcoin miners.

As we grapple with the climate crisis, the introduction of Energy Web’s GP4BTC certification can stimulate substantial change in how industries operate. It underlines the importance of standardized and verifiable metrics in driving industry standards for a more sustainable future. It’s a step towards a time when clean energy isn’t just an alternative, but the status quo.


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