Goodyear’s 90% sustainable tire made with rice, soy, and pine

90 Percent Sustainable Tire

Goodyear recently showcased its latest sustainable tire at CES. The demonstration tire, which is produced with 90 percent sustainable materials, has passed all regulatory and internal tests needed for road use. This marks a significant step towards Goodyear’s goal of introducing its first 100 percent sustainable tire by 2030.

Goodyear’s newest tire is different, it is made of sustainable materials such as soybean oil

Conventional tires are made of a combination of natural rubber, steel, textiles, synthetic polymers and various chemicals. These materials have a negative impact on the environment. As tires wear, they leave behind tiny particles of rubber and chemicals which can pollute the environment.

Goodyear’s newest tire is different, it is made of sustainable materials such as soybean oil, rice husk ash silica and pine resin. These materials not only reduce the environmental impact of the tire, but also improve performance such as rolling resistance.

Tire manufacturers are known to be secretive about the chemical makeup of their tires. However, Goodyear has shared the 17 key ingredients across 12 components that make these tires roll. This is a significant step towards transparency and promoting sustainability in the tire industry. It shows that Goodyear is not only committed to reducing its environmental impact, but also being open and transparent about its practices.

Goodyear has yet to determine the necessary steps for scaling production of its demonstration tire before it can be brought to market, but Goodyear, in partnership with its suppliers, plans to release a tire containing up to 70% sustainable materials in 2023. Consumers who are interested in purchasing this sustainable tire can sign up for updates on Goodyear’s website.

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the impact human activities have on the environment, many industries are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability. The tire industry is no exception, and Goodyear, a leading tire manufacturer, is at the forefront of this movement_


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