GM expands battery tech with ALGOLiON acquisition

How an Israeli startup’s software could accelerate GM’s electric vehicle evolution

The electric vehicle (EV) industry is buzzing with the recent announcement of General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) acquiring the assets of ALGOLiON Ltd., a battery software startup based in Israel. With this move, the American automaker hopes to leverage the sophisticated software developed by ALGOLiON to ensure better battery performance and safety for its EVs.

“ALGOLiON has developed cutting-edge battery analytics and prediction software that will help General Motors deliver great performing EVs for our customers,”

Gil Golan, vice president, TAC.

The importance of ALGOLiON’s battery software

ALGOLiON has carved a niche for itself in the world of EVs with its software that uses data from EV battery management systems to identify any performance abnormalities. These capabilities include early detection of potential hazards such as thermal runaway events, which can be instrumental in ensuring proper vehicle health management.

The journey of ALGOLiON: A synergy of experience and innovation

Founded in 2014 by Niles Fleischer, Ph.D., and Alex Nimberger, Ph.D., ALGOLiON’s journey has been marked by innovation and grit. Dr. Fleischer’s vast experience and contribution to the battery industry is reflected in the 80 patents he holds, while Dr. Nimberger’s expertise in lithium-ion battery modes and effects analysis plays a crucial role in the company’s offerings.

The global impact of this acquisition

ALGOLiON’s sophisticated software, when combined with GM’s internal capabilities and industry experience, has the potential to drastically reduce the time it takes to introduce a cost-effective early hazard detection system to the market. The global GM customer base stands to benefit immensely from this development.

ALGOLiON and GM: The road ahead

In the aftermath of the acquisition, the ALGOLiON team, including its founders, will join the GM Technical Center in Herzliya, Israel, while continuing to operate from their home base in Israel. The team will be led by Guy Daniely, the senior engineering manager at the Center.

The power of ALGOLiON’s software

The software developed by ALGOLiON uses intricate algorithms to detect minuscule changes in battery health that could potentially be problematic weeks before other detection methods. It manages this without the need for additional hardware or sensors, even while the battery operates within normal parameters.

Toward an all-electric future: GM’s vision

GM, a global company committed to advancing an all-electric future, aims to create an inclusive and accessible EV landscape. ALGOLiON’s technology will undeniably contribute to GM’s vision of zero emissions in the long term.


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