GM and Samsung SDI expand U.S. battery cell manufacturing

Over $3 billion investment aims to boost GM’s electric vehicle production

General Motors and Samsung SDI have announced a joint investment of more than $3 billion to establish a new battery cell manufacturing plant in the United States. With operations set to begin in 2026, the plant aims to scale up GM’s electric vehicle (EV) capacity in North America while solidifying its leadership in the rapidly growing EV market.

“GM’s supply chain strategy for EVs is focused on scalability, resiliency, sustainability and cost-competitiveness. Our new relationship with Samsung SDI will help us achieve all these objectives,”

GM Chair and CEO Mary Barra

Scalable and sustainable supply chain strategy

GM and Samsung SDI’s partnership is designed to create a supply chain strategy that focuses on scalability, resiliency, sustainability, and cost-competitiveness.

Increased battery cell capacity

The new plant is expected to have a capacity of over 30 GWh, which will bring GM’s total U.S. battery cell capacity to around 160 GWh at full production. This substantial increase will help GM scale its EV capacity in North America to more than one million units annually.

New production lines and cell form factors

The joint venture will incorporate production lines for nickel-rich prismatic and cylindrical cells, allowing GM to integrate cells directly into battery packs to reduce weight, complexity, and costs. The company’s Ultium Platform has been designed to accept multiple cell form factors and chemistries, further enabling GM to expand into additional market segments.

Thousands of new jobs and economic opportunities

While the location of the new plant and specific employment projections have not yet been announced, the project is expected to create thousands of new jobs in construction and operations. As demand for EVs continues to rise, GM will scale its supply chain and operations, including cell production and vehicle assembly.

Strengthening GM’s EV scale

This partnership with Samsung SDI will help GM strengthen its leadership in the EV market by providing products with the highest levels of safety and quality. The collaboration will also allow GM to scale its EV business more rapidly than it could by going it alone.


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