Fiskars Celebrates 375 Years of Craftsmanship

Fiskars 375th Anniversary - A Legacy of Innovation and Quality, showcasing a montage of Fiskars' top products and historical milestones.

1649-2024: A Journey of Innovation and Quality

In 2024, Fiskars reaches a monumental milestone – 375 years of continuous innovation and exceptional quality. Originating as an ironworks by the Fiskars river in Finland in 1649, the company has grown into a symbol of enduring craftsmanship and creative design. This year, Fiskars not only celebrates its rich heritage but also looks forward to a future of sustained excellence and innovation.

“The Fiskars brand is never about decorations and unnecessary frills. Instead, we focus on the essentials, making sure every little detail serves a purpose. The same spirit will guide our anniversary celebrations – honoring our heritage with a sharp focus on what makes us Fiskars.”

Nathalie Ahlström, President & CEO of Fiskars Group

Timeless Principles and Quality

Fiskars has consistently adhered to its founding principles of high quality, timeless design, and unparalleled functionality. These values have guided the brand through centuries, witnessing and adapting to profound global changes in technology, industry, and lifestyle. At its heart, Fiskars remains dedicated to enhancing everyday activities like cooking, creating, and gardening. Drawing inspiration from Nordic minimalism and the purity of nature, the company’s award-winning design team continuously reimagines these fundamental experiences.

Fiskars' Iconic Orange-Handled Scissors, symbolizing innovative design and enduring quality in crafting tools.

Anniversary Celebrations and Heritage

Fiskars Village, the company’s birthplace, serves as the focal point for its 375th-anniversary celebrations. The events, including the Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale and the Fiskars Festival Orchestra performances, reflect the brand’s deep connection with its origins and its ongoing engagement with the creative arts and design community.

Legacy of Innovation

Fiskars’ legacy is marked by significant achievements, such as the invention of the iconic orange-handled scissors and the strategic expansion of its brand portfolio. These milestones demonstrate the company’s enduring commitment to innovation and excellence.

Sustainable Living and Community

Fiskars champions sustainable living and community involvement, evidenced by its upcoming anniversary book focusing on slower, more sustainable lifestyles, and the vibrant community life at Fiskars Village. The company’s past and future are deeply intertwined with environmental stewardship and community engagement.


Fiskars’ 375-year legacy transcends mere corporate history, representing a journey of unwavering commitment to quality products, and sustainable practices. As it steps into the future, Fiskars remains dedicated to these principles, continually adapting to an ever-changing world. This anniversary is not just a celebration of past achievements but a reaffirmation of a legacy that continues to shape our everyday lives.


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