Figure Secures $675M Funding, Eyes Advanced AI with OpenAI

Figure humanoid robot in action, showcasing advanced AI capabilities following $675M funding and OpenAI collaboration.

New Era for Humanoid Robots with Strategic Partnerships

Figure has announced securing a massive $675 million in funding, propelling the company to a new valuation of $2.6 billion. This infusion of capital, supported by leading names like Microsoft, NVIDIA, and OpenAI Startup Fund, sets the stage for a pioneering collaboration with OpenAI aimed at revolutionizing next-generation AI models for humanoid robots.

Strategic Partnerships and Investment

Figure’s latest funding round showcases significant endorsements from industry behemoths. Contributions from Microsoft, NVIDIA, and personal investment by Jeff Bezos via Bezos Expeditions underscore a robust confidence in Figure’s innovative trajectory. Additionally, backing from Parkway Venture Capital and Intel Capital further solidifies Figure’s financial and strategic standing.

  • Funding Amount: $675 Million
  • Valuation: $2.6 Billion
  • Key Investors: Microsoft, OpenAI Startup Fund, NVIDIA, Jeff Bezos, Parkway Venture Capital, Intel Capital, Align Ventures
  • Collaboration: Development of next-generation AI models with OpenAI
  • Applications: AI training, manufacturing of humanoid robots
  • Infrastructure: Utilizing Microsoft Azure for AI training and storage
  • Deployment Goals: Increase engineering headcount, advance commercial deployment

Collaboration with OpenAI

Central to Figure’s next phase is its collaboration with OpenAI, aiming to develop advanced AI models that enhance humanoid robots’ processing and reasoning from language. This partnership is not just a technological leap but a strategic one, promising to accelerate Figure’s path towards commercial deployment of advanced robotic solutions.

Enhanced Commercial Deployment

The influx of $675 million will significantly impact various facets of Figure’s operations. The funds are earmarked for AI training, manufacturing enhancements, scaling the engineering team, and advancing commercial deployment strategies. This financial boost is set to fast-track the realization of commercially viable humanoid robots.

Innovations in Robotics

Highlighting its technological prowess, Figure recently showcased the Figure 01 robot’s capabilities, demonstrating an advanced visuomotor policy that allows the robot to make coffee using only neural networks. This breakthrough illustrates the practical applications of Figure’s research and development efforts.

Infrastructure and Expansion Plans

Figure’s strategy includes leveraging Microsoft Azure for critical AI infrastructure needs, including training and storage. This decision reflects a broader trend of robotics companies adopting cloud solutions to scale their AI capabilities efficiently. Furthermore, Figure is set on expanding its engineering team in 2024, reflecting its commitment to leading the charge in embodied AI.


The collaboration between Figure, OpenAI, and a constellation of tech giants heralds a new dawn for the application of artificial intelligence in real-world scenarios. The substantial funding and strategic partnerships underscore a collective commitment to transforming the landscape of humanoid robotics. As Figure gears up to expand its operations and delve deeper into AI’s potential, the implications for the future of robotics are both vast and invigorating.


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