Figure introduces advanced humanoid robots

Figure humanoid

Figure, a new robotics AI company just out of stealth mode, aims to develop general-purpose humanoids that positively impact humanity through advanced AI.

Our goal is to deploy autonomous humanoid workers to support us on a global scale


Industrial autonomous humanoid

Figure’s goal is to deploy autonomous humanoid workers globally to support industries and create a better life for future generations. The robots’ first applications will be in industries with severe labor shortages, such as manufacturing, shipping and logistics, warehousing, and retail.

Human-like capabilities

The company plans to build general-purpose humanoid robots that resemble the human body in shape, with human-like capabilities and endless types of support across a variety of circumstances.

Figure has a long-term vision that includes more structured and less variable business opportunities, physical labor, consumer household, and off-world applications.

Human interaction

Safety is also a top priority, and Figure is working to ensure that its humanoids will be able to interact with humans in a safe and ethical manner.

The journey towards achieving its goal will take decades and require a dedicated team to its mission, billions of dollars invested, and engineering innovation.


The company aims to reduce individual humanoid unit costs through high-rate volume manufacturing and create a sustainable economy of scale.

Figure faces high risk and competition, but Figure believes humanoid robots developed by the company have the potential to eliminate the need for unsafe and undesirable jobs, allowing people to live happier and more purposeful lives.


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