Fast-charging EV breakthrough: Nyobolt’s 6-minute charge

The revolution in electric vehicle design: Nyobolt’s breakthrough battery technology and vision for future mobility.

Nyobolt, has revealed its advanced battery technology that can fully charge an EV in under six minutes, unveiling a vehicle that is set to redefine the way we think about electric mobility.

“We have achieved a six-minute charge car,”

Sai Shivareddy, CEO at Nyobolt

Resolving core EV problems

Nyobolt’s vision goes beyond just introducing a fast-charging vehicle. Their goal is to solve the fundamental issues that have long been barriers to the mass adoption of EVs – size, weight, cost, and resource strain. With the unveiling of their novel battery technology, the company promises EVs that are lighter, cheaper, and less resource-intensive.

New era of battery design

The new Nyobolt EV weighs almost half of most current EVs, runs on a 35kWh battery and can fully charge in under six minutes, providing up to 250km of range. This not only means faster charging times but also signifies an EV with lower running costs and less reliance on scarce raw materials.

Unlocking design possibilities

With Nyobolt’s groundbreaking battery technology, car design possibilities have also evolved. Working with Julian Thomson and the design and engineering team at CALLUM, Nyobolt has reimagined the Lotus Elise, delivering a sports car with greater presence and exaggerated proportions.

Future ready

The game-changing battery technology is not just a proof of concept. It is a production-ready technology set to roll out in early 2024. With its capacity for rapid scale-up, the technology represents a significant leap in EV adoption across the globe.

Nyobolt EV specs/data:

  • Battery: 35 kWh
  • Charging time: Under 6 minutes
  • Range: Up to 250 km
  • Weight: “closer to one tonne than two”


Nyobolt’s fast-charging technology is more than an innovation—it’s a new era in the EV industry where “charge anxiety” becomes a thing of the past. By fully charging an EV in under six minutes, the technology obliterates the longstanding barriers of slow charging times, EV charging can be as quick and convenient as a traditional fuel stop.


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