Fairly Trained: Certifying Ethical AI Practices

Promoting Creator Rights in AI Training

Generative AI technologies are rapidly evolving, Fairly Trained, a pioneering non-profit organization, has introduced a certification system designed to uphold creators’ rights. This initiative marks a significant step towards ethical data practices in AI development, ensuring that training data is used with proper consent.

“We proudly support the Fairly Trained certification. This initiative counters the industry’s opacity in data procurement, ensuring companies meet rigorous ethical standards.”

Dr. Yair Adato, CEO of BRIA AI

Certification Criteria

The core of Fairly Trained’s initiative is the Licensed Model certification. This certification requires generative AI models to exclusively use training data that has been lawfully obtained with consent, eschewing materials used under the ambiguous ‘fair use’ exception. This criterion sets a high standard for legal and ethical compliance in AI training practices.

Initial Certified Companies

Fairly Trained has already certified nine generative AI companies, including Beatoven.AI, Boomy, BRIA AI, Endel, LifeScore, Rightsify, Somms.ai, Soundful, and Tuney. These companies represent a range of AI applications, from image and music generation to voice synthesis, all adhering to the ethical standards set by Fairly Trained.

Advisory Committee Involvement

An advisory committee comprising industry leaders like Tom Gruber, Elizabeth Moody, Maria Pallante, and Max Richter, assists Fairly Trained in shaping its certification criteria. Their diverse backgrounds ensure that a wide range of perspectives are considered in developing these ethical guidelines.

Addressing Generative AI Challenges

The Fairly Trained certification is a proactive measure addressing the complex issues surrounding AI training data. While not exhaustive, this certification is a crucial first step in resolving the nuanced debates about dataset acquisition and consent in the AI community.

Support from Industry Leaders

Industry leaders, including Christopher Horton of Universal Music Group, have expressed strong support for Fairly Trained’s mission, saying “Universal Music Group has taken an industry-leading position in calling for responsible and ethical uses of AI technology that further enhance creativity, support artists and respect copyright. We welcome the launch of the Fairly Trained certification to help companies and creators identify responsible generative AI tools that were trained on lawfully and ethically obtained materials.”


The launch of Fairly Trained’s certification marks a pivotal moment in generative AI’s trajectory. It not only elevates ethical standards but also offers a transparent metric for companies and consumers to gauge responsible AI practices. This initiative is a step towards reconciling technology’s potential with the imperative of creators’ rights.


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