Experience a greener lawn with John Deere’s new all-electric mower

electric deere

John Deere, the renowned manufacturer of turf equipment, has taken a leap into the future by introducing the Z370R Electric ZTrak Residential Zero Turn Mower. This innovative new product from John Deere offers a cleaner, greener alternative to traditional gas mowers and sets a new standard for lawn care.

Eric Halfman, the go-to-market manager for riding lawn equipment at John Deere, says, “Customers are demanding more from their equipment, and since no one knows our customers or their work better than we do, we are prepared to deliver like no other, starting with the Z370R Electric zero turn mower.”

Reduces maintenance

In addition to offering an eco-friendly mowing experience, the Z370R Electric ZTrak also reduces maintenance compared to traditional gas mowers. Without the need to refill gas and change oil, filters, and belts, customers can get to work faster and stay up and running longer.

Large battery capacity

The battery design of this mower is completely sealed, allowing you to use it in wet and rainy weather without any worries, and the mower boasts a large battery capacity of 3.56 kWh, giving you the power you need to get the job done. To provide peace of mind, the manufacturer also provides a 5-year warranty for the battery.

MowerPlus app

The large LCD screen allows for easy monitoring of battery levels and adjustable settings to suit personal preferences and yard conditions, and the integrated Bluetooth system provides convenient remote monitoring of the mower’s charge status and battery level through the MowerPlus app.

John Deere’s new Z370R Electric ZTrak Residential Zero Turn Mower is a forward-thinking approach for the lawn care industry, offering customers a cleaner, greener, and more comfortable mowing experience while reducing maintenance and simplifying operation_


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