Enel’s new solar panel manufacturing facility in Oklahoma

An investment exceeding $1 billion to bring over a thousand jobs and spearhead renewable energy in the U.S.

Enel North America has chosen Inola, Oklahoma as the location for one of the largest solar photovoltaic (PV) cell and panel manufacturing facilities in the country. With the construction set to commence in the fall of 2023, the factory is anticipated to deliver its first solar panel to the market by the end of 2024. This ambitious project not only represents a monumental financial commitment but also a commitment to a greener future.

“We are proud to help usher in a new era of American-made energy and do so with a state that is already a leader in the energy industry.”

Giovanni Bertolino, head of 3Sun USA

Initial investment of over 1 billion

Enel North America, through its affiliate 3Sun USA, LLC, plans to start building a 2-million-square-foot factory in Oklahoma, expected to reach a staggering annual capacity of 3 GW by 2025. The facility marks an initial investment of over 1 billion USD and is estimated to generate about 1,000 direct jobs by 2025.

Expansion possibility

Given the vast potential and significant contribution to a renewable future, there is a possibility of future expansion that could double the annual production capacity to 6 GW, creating an additional 900 jobs.

Pioneering technology

The forthcoming factory will be one of the first in the U.S. to produce solar cells, the fundamental building blocks of PV modules. It will incorporate high-performance bifacial heterojunction technology (HJT), which ensures higher than average energy production and significant efficiency improvements.

Building on success

Enel’s presence in Oklahoma is well-established. In the past decade, it has invested over $3 billion in the state, setting up 13 wind farms and a regional office in Oklahoma City.

3Sun’s Achievements

3Sun, Enel’s subsidiary, has been a market leader in producing high-efficiency solar cells in Italy, including the newly unveiled HJT solar module. These modules offer a certified cell efficiency of 24.6% and a longer useful life for the modules due to their lower degradation. 3Sun plans to unveil its cutting-edge tandem cell technology, which set a new record in May 2023 by achieving an impressive certified efficiency of 26.5%.

The future of renewable energy in Oklahoma

Enel’s massive investment in Oklahoma could be the turning point for renewable energy manufacturing in the U.S. It positions Oklahoma at the forefront of the sector while providing thousands of jobs and boosting the local economy. This bold initiative is not just a win for Oklahoma but a significant stride for the nation’s renewable energy future.


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