Electric tugboats: maritime revolution anchored by the eWolf

Crowley Maritime Corporation’s eWolf and its innovative charging station set sail in San Diego, pioneering the future of sustainable tugboats

In a world grappling with environmental challenges, the maritime industry is taking a bold and innovative leap. Leading the charge is Crowley Maritime Corporation with its groundbreaking eWolf, the first all-electric harbor tugboat designed to complete jobs without burning a drop of fuel. Along with an advanced shoreside charging station, this project stands as a beacon for an industry in transformation.

“The eWolf represents everything Crowley stands for: innovation, sustainability, and performance. With this groundbreaking tug design, our team continues to embrace our role as leaders in the maritime industry while providing our customers with innovative and sustainable solutions done right,”

Chairman and CEO Tom Crowley


The eWolf tugboat, constructed by Master Boat Builders and designed by Crowley Engineering Services, will be the first of its kind to operate fully electric. Equipped with ABB’s fully integrated electrical package and AI technology, it signifies a turning point in the maritime industry’s journey towards decarbonization.

Environmental benefits: beyond conventional tugs

Compared to conventional tugs, eWolf will significantly reduce harmful emissions. The estimated reduction over the first 10 years includes 178 tons of nitrogen oxide (NOx), 2.5 tons of diesel particulate matter, and 3,100 metric tons of CO2, replacing tugs that consume over 30,000 gallons of diesel per year.

Shoreside charging station

The charging station for eWolf, with energy storage systems provided by Corvus Energy, will enable rapid recharging.

The eWolf charging station’s design incorporates two containerized energy storage systems and a solar array. It reflects an industry-first initiative to integrate renewable energy, offering storage capacity of almost 3 MWh.

Port of San Diego: commitment to sustainability

The Port of San Diego has embraced Crowley’s initiative, with Chairman Michael Zucchet expressing pride in hosting the eWolf. The Port’s commitment to environmental, economic, and operational benefits is in perfect alignment with the eWolf project.

Technology and safety: enhancing maritime operations

The eWolf tugboat will feature 360-degree visibility and ABB’s AI technology, enhancing safety and efficiency.

The construction of eWolf and its innovative shoreside charging station sets a new standard for the U.S. maritime industry. It underlines the importance of sustainability, performance, and the incorporation of autonomous technology.

Beyond tugboats

The charging station’s technology is designed to support other electric equipment and vehicle operations, demonstrating a commitment to broader sustainability goals and efficient maritime operations.

The eWolf project in San Diego may inspire other ports and industries to consider similar approaches. The integration of zero-emission and sustainable solutions marks a significant milestone in global maritime history.


  • Charging Station Capacity: 2,990 kW
  • Solar Power: Included in the charging station
  • Construction Site: Master Boat Builders shipyard, Coden, Ala.
  • Operational by: Mid-2023
  • Partners: Crowley, San Diego County Air Pollution Control District, California Air Resources Board, Port of San Diego, U.S. EPA, U.S. Maritime Administration

Conclusion: sustainable maritime future

The eWolf tugboat and its cutting-edge shoreside charging station are not mere technological marvels. They stand as living proof of what collaboration, innovation, and commitment can achieve. The maritime industry is embarking on a voyage towards a sustainable future, and Crowley Maritime Corporation is setting the course.


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