Electric Sheep Launches AI-Powered Landscaping Robot

Electric Sheep's Verdie robot performing autonomous trimming, edging, and blowing tasks in an outdoor environment.

Robot Outdoor Maintenance with AI Technology

In an advancement for the landscaping industry, Electric Sheep has unveiled Verdie, an innovative robot designed to automate outdoor maintenance tasks. Leveraging the company’s proprietary artificial intelligence, Verdie is set to transform the way outdoor environments are maintained, offering a glimpse into the future of landscaping.

“The debut of our Verdie robot is the first AI robot for tasks like trimming and edging in the world of landscaping, and it’s exciting to see our ES1 technology power multiple robots that can work alongside a crew without an engineer on-site setting a specific path for them. We will be rolling out the Verdie to our customer sites throughout 2024 and continuing to build out this fleet of robots as autonomous agents trained on outdoor services.”

Nag Murty, CEO and Co-Founder of Electric Sheep.

Revolutionizing Landscaping with AI

Electric Sheep’s latest creation, Verdie, employs the company’s advanced AI agent, ES1, to autonomously perform tasks such as trimming, edging, and blowing leaves. This move represents a significant shift from traditional landscaping methods, prioritizing efficiency and precision while reducing the need for human intervention.

Autonomous Outdoor Systems

The core of Verdie’s functionality lies in the ES1 AI agent, a sophisticated system capable of understanding and navigating outdoor spaces independently. With the ability to create detailed maps and plan coverage areas, ES1 enables Verdie to operate effectively in diverse settings without prior programming, embodying the true spirit of autonomous technology.

The RAM and Verdie Duo

Joining forces with Electric Sheep’s existing RAM robot, Verdie forms a dynamic duo capable of addressing various landscaping needs. While RAM focuses on mowing, Verdie takes charge of edging and trimming, together ensuring comprehensive care for outdoor areas. This collaboration highlights the potential for multiple AI-powered robots to work in tandem, enhancing productivity and coverage.

Scaling Operations with AI

Electric Sheep is not only innovating in terms of technology but also in its approach to business expansion. By acquiring traditional outdoor service providers and integrating its AI and robotics solutions, the company has seen an eightfold increase in revenues. With the introduction of Verdie, Electric Sheep aims to continue this trajectory, transforming the landscape of outdoor maintenance services.

Future of Autonomous Landscaping

Electric Sheep’s introduction of the Verdie robot marks a pivotal moment in the landscaping industry. By harnessing the power of AI and robotics, Electric Sheep is setting new standards for outdoor maintenance, paving the way for a future where landscaping tasks are conducted more efficiently, sustainably, and autonomously.


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