Electric fire engines lead the charge in sustainable firefighting

Boulder and Los Angeles embrace Rosenbauer RTX electric engines for a greener, safer future

As climate change remains a pressing issue, fire departments across the United States are embracing sustainable technology. Boulder Fire-Rescue and Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) have both taken significant steps toward improved safety and sustainability with the purchase of Rosenbauer RTX electric fire engines. These groundbreaking vehicles bring state-of-the-art features that support firefighters, communities, and the environment.

“I care deeply about the safety and well-being of our firefighters, and I’m excited about the next steps we are taking to better support them, while also helping achieve several city goals,”

Boulder Fire-Rescue Chief Michael Calderazzo

Rosenbauer RTX: firefighting with electric power

The Rosenbauer RTX is a Range Extended Electric Vehicle (REEV) that features an all-electric drivetrain and pump with a diesel energy backup system. This innovative technology allows cities to fight fires while protecting air quality and reducing climate-warming emissions, paving the way for a more sustainable approach to firefighting.

Expanding the electric movement beyond personal vehicles

The adoption of electric fire engines signifies a larger movement toward electrification that extends beyond personal vehicles. The focus now includes more powerful machines like emergency vehicles that require reliability and the ability to perform under challenging conditions, demonstrating the potential for electric technology in a variety of sectors.

Collaboration drives sustainable emergency response

Both Boulder and Los Angeles have showcased the importance of collaboration among different city departments in adopting electric fire engines. City Manager Nuria Rivera-Vandermyde praised the teamwork between the Fire-Rescue, Fleet & Facilities, and Climate Initiatives departments in Boulder, while Los Angeles Fire Chief Kristin Crowley emphasized the ongoing collaboration between the LAFD, Rosenbauer, and local leaders.

Enhanced safety for firefighters and communities

The Rosenbauer RTX electric fire engines prioritize safety for firefighters and communities. With adjustable suspension for lower equipment and cab access heights, all-wheel drive and steering for increased maneuverability, an ergonomically designed cab space, reduced exposure to carcinogenic fumes, and a significant reduction in operational noise, these engines offer numerous safety benefits.

Influencing the future of firefighting equipment

The purchase of Rosenbauer RTX electric fire engines by both Boulder Fire-Rescue and the LAFD presents an opportunity to shape the development of future firefighting equipment. By working closely with Rosenbauer, these fire departments ensure that the new engines meet the needs of their respective communities and firefighters, setting an example for others to follow.


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