EDF Renewables & SOLARCYCLE: Solar Panel Recycling

Strategic Alliance Boosts Circular Economy in Renewable Sector

EDF Renewables North America has taken a significant step in sustainable energy by partnering with SOLARCYCLE, a leader in solar recycling technology. This collaboration aims to revolutionize solar panel recycling, enhancing environmental sustainability in the renewable energy sector.

“This agreement marks a milestone in our ESG roadmap, aligning our zero carbon energy production with circular economy principles.”

Edgar Puerto, Associate Director, Strategic Procurement at EDF Renewables

Enhanced Recycling Techniques

SOLARCYCLE’s cutting-edge technology recovers 95% of materials from solar panels, a substantial improvement over the current industry standard of below 50%. This advancement underlines the commitment to environmental stewardship and efficiency.

Comprehensive Evaluation and Selection

EDF Renewables’ decision to partner with SOLARCYCLE followed an extensive evaluation process, highlighting SOLARCYCLE’s innovation and effective recycling processes as key factors in their selection.

Environmental Reporting and Transparency

SOLARCYCLE’s advanced environmental reporting ensures transparency and verification of the recycling process, aiding EDF Renewables in effectively managing the lifecycle of their solar systems.

Closing the Solar Loop

This partnership will allow EDF Renewables to contribute to a new wave of solar manufacturing in North America, selling recycled raw materials and fostering a more resilient supply chain.

Long-term Implications and Industry Impact

Jesse Simons, Chief Commercial Officer of SOLARCYCLE, views this collaboration as a beacon for global companies, demonstrating the readiness and efficiency of modern recycling technology in the solar sector.

  • Partnership Focus: Recycling of damaged/broken solar panels.
  • Technology: SOLARCYCLE’s proprietary process.
  • Material Recovery Rate: 95% (silver, silicon, copper, aluminum, glass).
  • Environmental Benefit: Enhanced supply chain resilience, reduced greenhouse gas emissions.


The partnership between EDF Renewables North America and SOLARCYCLE represents a significant advancement in the renewable energy sector. This collaboration underscores a commitment to sustainable practices and the development of a circular economy in solar energy. By leveraging SOLARCYCLE’s innovative recycling technology, which recovers 95% of materials from solar panels, EDF Renewables is setting a new standard for environmental responsibility in the industry.

This initiative not only addresses the crucial aspect of solar panel lifecycle management but also positions both companies as leaders in combining renewable energy production with sustainable end-of-life solutions.The partnership is a clear indication of the evolving narrative in renewable energy, emphasizing responsible practices throughout the lifecycle of energy assets.


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