Echodyne and Supernal: enhancing eVTOL safety with radar

Strategic partnership aims to redefine eVTOL safety through cutting-edge radar technology

Echodyne, a radar platform company, announced a strategic agreement and minority investment from Supernal, Hyundai Motor Group’s Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) company.

Supernal is developing an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicle, targeting commercial flights launch in 2028. The collaboration will focus on leveraging Echodyne’s market-leading radar solutions to enhance safety in Supernal’s vehicle and ground-based operations.

“Echodyne offers unique radar-based detection capabilities that Supernal can utilize in Advanced Air Mobility development,” said Ben Diachun, chief technology officer, Supernal. “Resilient and powerful radar aids airborne situational awareness to improve safety in the air.”

Radar for in-flight situational awareness

The partnership aims to incorporate Echodyne’s radar systems into Supernal’s eVTOL vehicles for improved in-flight situational awareness, enabling all-weather airspace monitoring for advanced vehicles and potential future automation applications.

Ground-based solutions for dense airspace

Echodyne’s radar will provide ground-based situational awareness data to complement the airborne radar, ensuring enhanced operational clarity in dense airspace environments, such as vertiports, flight areas, and corridors.

Meeting aviation industry safety benchmarks

Collaboration between Echodyne and Supernal will help the rapidly growing AAM industry achieve the highest aviation industry safety standards, prioritizing safety throughout the development process.

Echodyne’s metamaterials electronic scanning array technology

Echodyne’s commercial radars are built on proprietary metamaterials electronic scanning array (MESA) technology, providing a significant technology advantage in airspace safety solutions across various industries.

Expanding market presence

Echodyne serves customers in defense, national security, critical infrastructure protection, uncrewed aircraft systems, and advanced air mobility markets worldwide, with its radar solutions available under U.S Commerce Department export control regulations.

The future of Advanced Air Mobility safety

The strategic partnership between Echodyne and Supernal highlights the importance of integrating cutting-edge radar technology in the development of eVTOL vehicles and AAM ecosystems. This collaboration sets the stage for safer, more reliable, and more accessible urban air mobility solutions that will redefine the way people travel, connect, and live in the coming years.


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