Drive into the Pacific Northwest with “Pacific Drive”

Explore a surreal world in a survival driving game by Seattle-based Ironwood Studios

The Pacific Northwest never looked so strange—or so inviting. Prepare to embark on a journey where the lines blur between the familiar and the surreal, as Seattle-based Ironwood Studios is set to release its newest game, Pacific Drive. Your car becomes your lifeline as you navigate a reimagined version of the Pacific Northwest, filled with anomalies and mystery.

On the road with Pacific Drive

In this first-person, run-based survival game, your journey is your destiny. Each foray into the wilderness offers unique challenges and curiosities, pushing your driving skills to their limits.

Your car, your survival

At the heart of “Pacific Drive” is a deep relationship with your car. An abandoned garage serves as your base, where you repair, upgrade, and customize your vehicle. Every wrench turned, every part swapped, it’s all about survival—and style.

Outrunning the storm

Every journey into the Zone is a race against the storm. As the weather and world shift with every run, it’s up to you to navigate the ever-changing challenges thrown your way.

Scavenge, craft, and adapt

Gather resources, craft new equipment, and build stations in your garage. Configuring your car according to the unique perils of the Zone becomes a game in itself.

Unveil the mystery

What lies at the heart of the Olympic Exclusion Zone? A long-forgotten enigma awaits you in this anomaly-laden version of the Pacific Northwest. Drive hard, and uncover the truth.

Game specifications

  • Developer: Ironwood Studios
  • Release Date: 2023
  • Platforms: PlayStation 5, Steam, Epic Games Store
  • Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean.

As we look ahead, the vision of Ironwood Studios presents a compelling take on the interactive experience. The drive to immerse players in surreal worlds not only paints an engaging narrative, but also encourages the telling of personal tales. With “Pacific Drive,” we are reminded that journeys often become the destination and how, even in the face of adversity, creativity and adaptability become tools of survival and discovery.


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