DARPA’s ERI Summit 2023: microelectronics innovation

Shaping the future of microelectronics manufacturing and security

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) gears up to host the 2023 Electronics Resurgence Initiative (ERI) Summit in Seattle. With a strong focus on microelectronics R&D and manufacturing, the summit aims to convene thought leaders and innovators in the industry for important dialogues and displays of cutting-edge technology.

“ERI 2.0 is aimed at both national security capabilities and commercial economic competitiveness,” said Dr. Carl McCants, special assistant to the DARPA director for ERI. “It’s a thematic portfolio of research programs to ensure U.S. leadership in next-generation microelectronics research, development, and manufacturing.”

Reinventing domestic microelectronics manufacturing

With a central theme of “Reinventing Domestic Microelectronics Manufacturing,” the summit aspires to guide essential discussions around the future of U.S. microelectronics, including research, development, and production.

ERI 2.0

The summit will also serve as a platform for discussing ERI 2.0, a program seeking to advance foundational thrusts of the ERI while also exploring future manufacturing capabilities for complex, 3D microsystems, and hardened electronics for extreme environments.

Line-up of industry leaders

Several notable figures have confirmed their participation as speakers in the summit, including Sen. Maria Cantwell, Chair of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, and key executives from Intel, NVIDIA Corporation, and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

Encouraging exchange and innovation

The ERI Summit will not only highlight the main thrusts and technological advancements of the ERI but also foster dialogue, idea exchange, and direction for future R&D goals and investments. Panel discussions, workshops, and live poster and demonstration sessions are scheduled to enrich the conference experience.

Registration and attendance

Registration for the ERI Summit 2023 opens on May 15, and early registration is strongly recommended. The summit will be an in-person event, with no on-site registration available. Interested parties can access further details and register at https://eri-summit.darpa.mil.

The future of microelectronics

The ERI Summit 2023 is positioned to be a pivotal event in shaping the future of microelectronics in the U.S. and beyond. As Dr. McCants puts it, “New methods for designing, fabricating, packaging, and testing these imminently disruptive technologies are essential to U.S. resilience and competitiveness.” This convergence of minds and ideas will undoubtedly fuel the next wave of innovation in the industry.


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