CATL launches new battery technology for aircraft electrification

CATL airplane battery

Battery technology with high energy density

CATL, a leading Chinese battery manufacturer, has launched a new battery technology with an energy density of up to 500 Wh/kg.

The cutting-edge condensed battery will enable the electrification of passenger aircrafts by providing a high level of safety and light weight.

Biomimetic electrolytes for high conductive performance

To address the changes resulting from electrochemical reactions, CATL’s condensed battery uses highly conductive biomimetic condensed state electrolytes to construct a micron-level self-adaptive net structure that can adjust the interactive forces among the chains. This technology improves the conductive performance of the cells, enhances the efficiency of lithium ion transporting, and boosts the stability of the microstructure.

Integration of innovative technologies

CATL’s condensed battery integrates a range of innovative technologies, including ultra-high energy density cathode materials, innovative anode materials, separators, and manufacturing processes. This integration offers excellent charge and discharge performance as well as good safety performance.

Electrification of sea, land and air transportation

As electrification extends from the land to the sky, the launch of CATL’s condensed battery will usher in an era of universal electrification of sea, land, and air transportation. This technology will open up more possibilities for the development of the industry, promote the achieving of global carbon neutrality goals, and lead to cleaner and smarter aircrafts.


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