Captura’s ocean carbon removal technology

Partnership with AltaSea and SoCalGas to scale up and deploy innovative Direct Ocean Capture (DOC) technology

Captura, a carbon removal company founded at Caltech, is partnering with AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles and Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) to develop and deploy their cutting-edge Direct Ocean Capture (DOC) technology. The technology leverages the ocean’s natural capacity to absorb CO2 and aims to revolutionize climate action on a global scale.

“We’re thrilled to be welcoming Captura and their innovative solution to the AltaSea community,”

AltaSea President & CEO Terry Tamminen

How Captura’s DOC technology works

Captura’s proprietary electrodialysis technology uses renewable electricity and ocean water to remove CO2 from the atmosphere without creating by-products or using absorbents. The process captures CO2 directly from seawater and delivers it as a measurable stream that can be permanently sequestered or utilized.

Benefits of Captura’s solution

Captura’s technology offers several unique advantages, including lower capital and operating costs, increased energy efficiency per ton of CO2 removed, and high scalability. Additionally, the pure CO2 stream produced can be used to generate high-quality carbon credits or create low-carbon products.

Pilot projects and scalability

Captura has successfully demonstrated its technology in laboratories at Caltech and installed its first ocean-based pilot facility in Newport Beach, CA. The company is now working on a next-generation system that will increase capacity by a factor of 100, with plans to install the system at an ocean location in 2023.

Collaboration with AltaSea and SoCalGas

The partnership with AltaSea and SoCalGas will provide the necessary resources and support for Captura to scale up its technology and conduct ocean field trials. The AltaSea campus will serve as a hub for technology testing, research, and analysis, as well as a platform for community engagement and industry collaboration across the blue economy ecosystem.

Global deployment and climate impact

Captura’s licensing model and strategic partnerships aim to facilitate rapid and widespread global deployment of its carbon removal technology. By tapping into the utility sector, the desalination industry, and inactive offshore gas/oil platforms, Captura’s DOC technology could become a game-changer in the fight against climate change.


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