AutoFlight: first formation flight of autonomous eVTOL

Setting new standards in battery electric Airtaxi landscape

AutoFlight, autonomous electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) technology company, made history by conducting the world’s first formation flight of three autonomous eVTOL aircraft in Shanghai, China.

First flight of its kind

This demonstration marked a significant achievement, not only for AutoFlight but also for the nascent battery electric Airtaxi industry. Three of AutoFlight’s “Prosperity I” models participated in the flight, showcasing the company’s expertise in swift prototype design, manufacturing, and their aspiration to redefine aerial transportation.

Benchmark of progress

AutoFlight’s journey to this noteworthy event has been filled with remarkable accomplishments. In the past year, the company set a distance record by flying 250.3 km on a single battery charge. These advances underline AutoFlight’s continuous efforts to push the envelope in the battery electric Airtaxi landscape.

Sustainability and energy efficiency in focus

With the “Prosperity I” aircraft taking off vertically while being significantly quieter and safer than a helicopter, AutoFlight illustrates its commitment to sustainability. During cruising, the aircraft is carried by wings, which increases its energy efficiency and, as a result, contributes to sustainability with zero CO2 emissions in operations.

Looking ahead: from prototypes to products

The company’s ambitious plans include transitioning the successful “Prosperity I” prototypes into products. A cargo version is scheduled for safe cargo transport in Asia next year, with a passenger version planned for gradual development in the forthcoming years, adhering to the highest safety standards for aviation.

Aircraft details

  • Type: Autonomous electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft
  • Model: “Prosperity I”
  • Key Features: Vertical takeoff, quieter and safer than a helicopter, energy-efficient
  • Operations: Zero CO2 emissions
  • Future Plans: Cargo version for safe cargo transport, passenger version in development

Reflecting on the flight path ahead

As we look toward the horizon, the world watches as AutoFlight propels the future of aerial transportation, striving to make it safer, quieter, and affordable for all. Their unflagging dedication to enhancing urban and regional transportation sets the stage for an exciting future where the skies could be within everyone’s reach.


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